lyke,omg!!!    2007-07-24 17:48:43 ET
sweet jesus!!!
against me! is comin to nashville on aug 11th!!!!!!

i wana gggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


     2007-07-22 13:06:02 ET

i cut my hair

got my nipples pierced with cierra

got two new jobs,possibly three(to tottal it out to 4 jobs)

and we're looking for a new room mate

eventful eventful week for me

i need a nap

 time warp?    2007-07-13 11:05:23 ET
going to rocky horror tonight
with my boy

prolly the last time ill see him for a very long while

that while leaving for the army thing kinda getting in the way of our hang out time

i feel bad about this,i really really do...
but,i cant wait till he goes

i find relationships smothering
and he could really use some military dicipline

i dont agree with the war,or his enlistment
but its done and over with,nothing i can do except sit back and hope to hell he doesnt die

i donno what to do about that whole situation...
its mainly a proxy thing for me
i worry about all that so i dont have to worry about everything else thats going on

fun fun
im gonna miss him though

     2007-07-04 10:13:16 ET
it the 4th of july

what better way to celebrate out country(for better or worse) than with a little illegal drinking,a little illegal smoking,and a whole lot of illegal explosives?

fuck yea,having a cookout

can't wait

i've had all week off
its fucking great
went to GWAR last night
fucking amazing,as usual
still a lil fucked


happy 4th you guys


 Mr.Chainsaw    2007-06-18 16:53:22 ET
i had THE worst week ever last week

topped off by a drive-by that happend on my block saturday(well,two if you count how many houses were shot up)

got to see pan's labirynth(sp?) sunday
and spend some akward time at james' house

^my current zombie noise...

this whole "single" this is starting to bother me...
though,that makes me feel like a fool,for too many reasons

i recently discoverd that i can no longer stand listening to modest mouse,a band i once loved...

so,for now,its alkaline trio obsesivly


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