skins,punx,and drunx    2007-04-22 00:32:34 ET
went to a pretty good party on 4/20 w/ wittles
got there kinda late,so every one was blazed already and there was a skinhead passed out on the couch...
spent most of the night getting to know most of the people,who were all very very cool
a few of my fave. conversations were:
guy trying to convince me i "looked,elvin or something..."
someones girlfriend alternetly threating to slit her wrists with her car keys(whittles and i encouraged) and attempting to sleep with all of his friends
someone finding out i listend to DKM and lowerclassbrats and trying to set me up with said skinhead,who by this point had woken up and already started two fights
everyone laugh as whittles(who is"4'10 and a half") kick some guys ass for spilling a margarita on her

good party indeed
i need more good partys
and an adventure or two

 new fave. quote    2007-04-19 21:25:39 ET

"Love is just a lie that I wont believe"

from "protest song#00" by Give up the ghost

a great fucking band,that i miss entirely too much

 Girl Anachronism    2007-04-19 10:15:44 ET
i miss listening to the dresden dolls obsessivly when i was younger,i miss trying to be amanda palmer,i miss knowing what to do and knowing what i want...

right now,missin alot of things...
pretty fucking confused,too.
and,the one time i ask for advise,no one can give it to me.
i always get the same response
"i don't know"
i swear to god,if i hear "i don't know" in awnser to any of my questions again,i'll kill something.
if i hear "i'm sorry" one more time,i'll kill you

fuck.i don't feel good.
i donno whats wrong with me right now.
but i wish it would go away.

 uuugggghhhhh    2007-04-17 12:15:15 ET
you boys can be dumb as fuck,you know that??

right now i'm hating on the entire gender.

i need...
i donno what i need...
perhaps a healthy dose of E and an adventure.
thats it,i need to go find an adventure and roll my ass off.
it'll tottaly make everything better.
until the morning after,of course.
mabey i'll do that the night i break up with the indian,so i won't feel it immediatly...


 I win    2007-04-13 09:59:39 ET

so,for about an hour yesterday my birthday was kickass.i talked to alyssa,and was bummed cause she wasn't gonna come over.but she gave me some really great news,that my friend had broken up with his crazy ass g/f,that made it all better.then i get a phone call from renee(a really close friend of mine from way back in jr.high) and i find out she's comin home!!!i'm so fucking happy,aaahhhhh,can't even describe how happy and releaved i am about her moving back,i miss that girl so more road trips to bumfuck,arkansas(aka heber springs)to go see
then,my mom and g-ma gave me a fucking record player/cd player thing!!!it's fucking gorgeous,and the sound quality is amasing.
...and then the indian called and said he was coming over.and that was...well,it just was,i guess.he brought me some of his dead kennedys records and a pretty necklas.though i specifically told him a didnt want shit.i didnt even want to see him,but he wouldn't have come any other day.i knocked the shit out of him a couple times,and felt a little better....but only a little.

all in all,this was prolly the best birthday i've ever,go me.

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