2009-03-18 16:33:33 ET

i just got done watching "We Are Wizards" which is a doc. on wizard rock.
like harry and the potters and stuff.

it was great.

     2009-03-15 18:39:07 ET
back in memphis.

i really really dont want to be here.the closer we got back home the more miserable i became.didnt help that the car broke down in new orleans on our way out,literally right before we got on the highway.it was a broken belt.

i took it as a sign that we should just stay but nobody believed me.


 ha    2009-03-11 05:54:20 ET
new orleans is just another memphis.with prettier houses and fancier restaurants and better history.

you see the same worn down faces and massive poverty as memphis.its got the same vibe,you know?a city that's not quite beaten,but almost.

meh,i like it here though.at least i know how to handle myself in a city like this.

im going on a voodoo tour today ^.^

     2009-03-08 10:10:58 ET
watchmen was good,for the most part.i rly hated how they ended it tho.
and i know i should really hate Rorschach,but hes suck a badass i just cant.

got my first tattoo last night,on the tops of my feet going up to my ankles.it makes me happy.

New Orleans tomorrow.hooray!

     2009-03-06 13:14:55 ET
watchmen tonight.

tattoo tomorrow.

new orleans on sunday.

jj's a dick.

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