2008-11-20 21:15:25 ET
amazed and confused by how absolutely terrible the twilight movie was.it wasn't so much the acting as the incredibly horrible directing.truly terrible.

ugh.i hate school.alot.

i need a new job.really bad.

not looking forward to the holidays.at all.

same old same old bitching.

just ignore it.

i would like to know,however,how the fuck i seem to be a conduit for every druged out,creepy,fucked up looser in the tri-state area all of a sudden.

i mean,sure,its happened before,but not on this scale.and certainly not so many that knew where i lived.and would show up and wait,all day, for me to come home.


     2008-11-04 16:16:58 ET
stood in line 2 hrs today to vote with my mother,grandmother,ans little sister(who's voting for the first time.aaaawwwwwww)today.

all obama,which is the first time we've all agreed on a candidate ever.

im watching the election like a motherfucker.CNN,MSNBC,NPR-and for the hell of it- FOX.


     2008-11-01 11:29:19 ET
halloween sucked.

ive been working in a haunted house all month,which up until last night was awesome.
i mean,srsly,getting paid to scare people has been my dream since i was a wee one.

but yesterday was just a shite day that carried over into the night unfortunately.
mostly because my bf doesnt know when to just keep his mouth shut.

ive been discussing things with the guy who owns the haunt,and the ideas he has for next year have me more excited than ive been in a long time.

people hanging from bungee cords,to jump down at people and scare them?!
almost better than the circus.almost.

i wish i could do this year round.its been so much fucking fun.
though i wont miss the hour+ its taken me to get all the make-up and prosthetics off.

ah well

     2008-10-10 12:32:16 ET
well,i havent been on here in a long while...

i miss bryan(who used to be on SK)a whole lot.

fucker can come over to my house to buy drugs from my roommate but cant hang out with anyone anymore because of his crazy ass girlfriend.

i was in the hospital for a little while.
kidney infection and blood poisoning.now im anemic.

about halfway through with this semester,cant wait for it to be over.
id really really like to move away.im pretty cool with anywhere at this point.

going to see alkaline trio and rise against and the gaslight anthem in st.louis in nov.

i start working at the haunted house tonight.hooray

     2008-06-17 04:40:45 ET
alkaline trio was amazing.

still havent calmed down from that show...

going to see bomb the music industry and the queers tonight

my cheeks have been acting up an awful lot lately.
i've started washing them twice a day,instead of once and ive been putting tea tree oil on them once a day.

their doing something real funny,that ive never had a piercing do and im really worried about it.


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