2008-04-10 10:27:45 ET
im counting down the days till saturday.
not so much out of excitement,but dread.
saturday being my birthday.
i just want it over with already.

i'm waiting to see if our power gets cut off before then.

     2008-04-03 13:48:29 ET

bomb the music industry and the queers are playing in nashville in june and im super fucking excited.

i need a good show real soon.

i'm increadibly axious today,mainly because i had to sit at table today with a boy i detest and pretend everything was hunky-dorey for my b/f's sake(he's one of his best friends)

it kills me inside not to put a fork in his eye.

here lately it feels like my chest and stomach are locking up together to form this big metal thing in me.
i hate it so.

my birthdays next weekend.
wish me luck?

     2008-03-24 13:36:33 ET
so,yesterday while i was out with my family doing the easter thing.

3 of my friends broke into my house,drank a bottle of wine and played katamari while waiting on me to get home.

eventually they got tierd of waiting and came looking for me at my mothers,where i was blissfully asleep.

they woke me up and we went on a run,then ended up at my place and we all got real shitty.

my boyfriend came over and brought a friend,then proceeded to get pissed at me because i was smoking,and i app. didn't "greet" him when he came in...

i ended up getting a little sick,and after everyone left we got into a fight.

its all worked out now but...

i donno,as he explained it,the new relationship thing is starting to wear off,and i guess he's getting scared,because this is the point where i typically start to get antsy and run away.

but,i'm really happy currently,an thouse types of actions are the furthest things from my mind.

i miss thouse boys(the ones who broke into my house to drink wine and play katamari)
an awful lot.

cierras in town all week and im so fucking happy.

i miss that girl more than i've ever missed anybody.

     2008-03-18 10:59:09 ET

     2008-03-17 11:50:19 ET

sick as fuck.

and bored.

sssooooo tired of being broke.

i need a better job.

i need to clean my house.

i need things to do this weekend.

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