2008-03-12 10:14:55 ET
at work.

god i hate this job.

the more and more i work in radio the more and more i want out.

but i quit,and then miss it and always go back.

i donno.
im starting to hate most of the people who work in it as well.
they just seem so fake.
alot worse than it used to be.

i need a new job badly.
one that doesnt involve comouters and shitty music and sitting on your ass.

i need to be up and moving.

     2008-02-29 13:58:29 ET
so,he got off scot-fucking-free.
feds didnt have any hard evidence,all they had was hearsay from a convict.

i just dont understand how that kid gets so goddamned lucky all the time...

my spring break starts today.
we were going to go camping,but the place were going(mammoth cave,kentucky)is supposed to have thunderstorms and snow the whole time,so were looking for some place down south.

any suggestions?

     2008-02-25 08:32:41 ET
so,i got the job as a lingerie model,i gotta call them today to see when they start.

a good friend of mine got caught smuggiling shit into the pen. the other day,to a "friend" of his who had gone down for some stupid ass dea they were doing out of the little ceasars they oth worked at.his "friend" turned him in,we dont know why,and the feds showed up at the house he was doing construction on.he's cooperating.

see,on one hand,i think this'll be good for him.he obviously needs something to scare the shit out of him.since he cant seem to think properly on his own.

on the other,hesone of my best friends.

hes facing a maximum of 20 years,a minimum of a year of probation.

     2008-02-19 02:00:09 ET
been up all night writing a paper.

ill finnaly be able to crash in a few...

things are strange and ive been having a lot of really really violent dreams lately.

might be dying my hair turquiose soon.

i think i also might just wander into the woods and never come back.yea.

     2008-02-15 13:06:58 ET

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