2008-06-05 22:27:01 ET

got a new house...

lost a best friend.
helping the other"best friend" take her to court...

trying to find a new job.

gonna be volunteering at the "southern girls rock n roll camp"

i wanted to go so fuckin bad when i was 16,but they never had one near me...

so now im just gonna work it and teach a bunch a girls how to run sound boards and record their own music.

wonder is i could talk some body into givin me drum lessons??

whats up with you,SK?

     2008-05-04 14:49:26 ET
fuck fuck fuck

started producing games for the radio station again because i need the money.

i come in today,a little late,to find that nothing has been put in the queen the way its suposed to,they've changed how i go on air and didnt tell me,and i can't find any of the fucking promos im supposed to air...

its all completly fucked and i can't fix it,so im just pulling shit out of my ass as i go along.
live.on air.

i fucking hate this job.

     2008-04-29 14:03:52 ET



I'M GOING TO PASS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     2008-04-26 21:03:25 ET
zombie walk was alot of fun

took my mother to see elvis costello on her birthday

damn good concert


     2008-04-14 12:51:21 ET
birthday went kinda well.

spent most of the day with my mom,we went to the river and she showed me how much it was flooding.
i've NEVER seen the mississippi this high before
the people who live on the river are freaking out because of all the trash thats washed up,and they've already found one body,that they assume is from huracaine katrina.

only got in two fights the whole day.
one was,of course,with david.

drank far to much jager

robert made me a peanut butter and jelly cake!!!
the most amazin cake ive ever seen.

im happy.it coulda been much worse.

im buying my mother elvis costello tickets for her birthday,and taking her to a crawfish festiville down on the river.

meh :/

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