2008-02-08 13:25:30 ET
today is one of thouse compleatly fucked days.
the ones where you knew you shouldn't have gotten out of be but did it anyway.

been having alot of anxiety attacks lately.

went to the dentist for the first time since i was 7 yesterday.
i've cracked 5 teeth so badly their just going to pull them.and a bunch of other stuff.

i got a new roommate.
im pretty happy about it,sept that shes dating my brother.which is kinda weird.

things have been really strained and weird between my friends and i lately.

most of its outside forces,however im begining to wonder if its not just all me...

i find out today if i get kicked out of school.
i dont know what ill do if i do.

     2008-02-04 11:12:49 ET

strange things have been happening lately.

been haveing alot of strange dreams as well...

recently started dating this boy.

i likes him,hes a total dork(of the comic book/4chan/music variety)


wish things would go back to normal.

     2008-01-31 13:25:04 ET
fuck yea!!!

just got offerd a job producing a morning show for one of the stations i work for.

id have to come in at like 4:30 in the morn,but id be done in time for classes.

and production work is amazing money.

apparently the guy who runs the show remeber'd my work from when i was 16 and asst.produced my first show.

uh huh

fuck yea.

best news ive gotten in a long time kiddos.

 WTF?!    2008-01-30 17:42:48 ET
my roommate fucking skipped town...

he's also one of my best friends brother...

we didnt find out till he was almost to branson,mossorri


so im lookin for 2 new roomates,cause we're kicking the other out.

im havin an extreamly fucked up night...

2 dogs mauled so far...

 last night...    2008-01-26 15:05:05 ET
was quite interesting.

alyssa got drunk and procedded to beat the shit out of this guy who had stole a buch of shit at our 4th of july party.

he ran away and literally told on her to the guy who had orginized the show.

so then he and i almost got into a fight.

luckily whitney seemed to be the smart one of the night and diffused the whole situation.

the guy(jacob) came up,hugged me and apologized profusly.

then this girl tried to beat up shay after he had pulled his shitfaced friend off of her(they were making out,after she had just made out with 2 other people in succsesion) while screaming "gonnahrea" at him.dont ask me where that came from.
she made a compleate ass out of herself,and didnt seem to realize when the band and pretty much everyone in the pit was chanting std's at her.

then while walking home one of my best friends tried to fuck me.


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