home sweet home    2005-07-08 03:06:59 ET
So, I'm back in FL after my wonderful trip to CA. I had a blast and miss it already - I had forgotten how much I love CA. A ton happened but I'll do a full update later, in the meantime, please enjoy 3 teaser pictures from my trip in my gallery. ^_^

For now, I'm off to spead the day with Divine Decay as it is her birthday and I have many nice things planned. Weeeeee!!!!

 3 days to go    2005-06-27 02:13:05 ET
until I'm in CA! I can't wait to see D again! =D

I'm still trying to pull together something special for the photo shoot she wants to do with me. I hope I can get everything I need as I don't have a plan B.

Also, I think I need to rename my mohawk Lynn as it's really no longer a Sasha since I changed it from bleach blonde to purple.

 So...    2005-06-01 03:01:28 ET
I'm not sure that I will be attending Anime Expo or making it to CA anymore. It's now only 30 days until I'm supposed to leave and I still haven't gotten my tickets. And every time I ask Lux about it, he just sorta mutters and changes the subject. I know money is really tight right now, so I just don't know what will happen anymore. -_-;;

Also, I'm not sure that I will end up with the time or money to finish mine and D's Final Fantasy cosplays in time either. Right now, I'm putting all my effort into finishing our Angel Sanctuary ones, the top for my pirate outfit (cause it'll only take a couple hours once I get started), and making sure that all the kinks are worked out of our Alichino ones. Plus, I have a couple commissions to worry about and honestly, I need to do them for the $$.

Ugh, why must things be so complicated now? Well, I shall just keep working towards the goal, stay positive (and insane), and hope things work out.

PS. I am officially hired at Spencer's Gifts (once again). I go in this afternoon to finish the final stuff and get my hours and whatnot. Hopefully my hours won't be as meager as I've been warned but I doubt it. Still, it's better than nothing.

 Shit!    2005-05-20 15:36:00 ET
My husband's grandmother is in the hospital. This sucks...

 mohawk: attempt one    2005-05-16 17:55:34 ET
And so I have named it Sascha.


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