WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!    2005-04-04 14:57:05 ET
D's gonna be moving in with me in July! D's gonna be moving in with me in July! D's gonna be moving in with me in July! D's gonna be moving in with me in July! D's gonna be moving in with me in July! D's gonna be moving in with me in July!

::does the happy dance::

I can't wait!

 Schoolness    2005-04-01 06:32:00 ET
So I talked with one of the heads of my Religious Studies (who also happens to be one of my teachers who is rather fond of me) department yesterday about focusing my Religious Studies major down to primarily the topics of angels and demons. We weren't able to have a formal discussion about this but I did get scheduled for a meeting with him on Thursday at 1:15pm (D knows the significance of this number - which he scheduled, not me ^^).

Basically, it looks like I may be able to take a few classes that have those topics in them but there are no classes which deal primarily with them unfortunately. However, he did mention that I may be able to do some independent study which would be great too.

Ah, well, I'll know more about this on Thursday, but right now things are looking pretty good in the school department.

Now, if I could just get caught up with my costume commissions I'd be set... -_-;;

 I love being androgynous!    2005-03-30 16:25:13 ET
Ok, so a couple days ago I went on a manga buying binge - no really, a binge. I think I spent nearly $150! Course I did get around 15 new mangas so at least that's something...I think. Anywhosel, I go up to the counter to pay for my loot and the guy at the register starts ringing me up and goes "Did you find everything you were looking for, sir?"

I think I nearly busted up laughing, not for being mistaken for a boy, because a) that's happened before, b) I think it's great, and c) I have gotten numerous compliments on the bishiness of my androgyny. However, I was wearing a tank top that showed a wee bit of cleavage...granted under a guys jacket but cleavage man, cleavage! How many guys have cleavage? Wait...let me rephrase that, how many tall, skinny guys have cleavage?

So, continuing on, I answer "Yeah, I found everything I needed for now."

And he goes, "Glad to hear it, sir." Ok, so now I know this guy has something wrong with him because even given the benefit of the doubt that he simply didn't notice I have boobies, I do not really have a guy's voice...at all. But still, it made me smile and bodes well for this summer (and beyond) when I continue on with crossplay.

See what you started D! Damn you and your compliments on my bishiness! (And damn all my other fangirl friends for agreeing too!)

 Getting settled in...    2005-03-30 05:56:14 ET
so there, I got a bloody Subkultures account D, I hope you're satisfied. And I even made the effort to decorate it. *miracle*

Also, I was bored as all hell so I made a ton of Rosiel icons for you D, in case you'd like me to give you a Rosiel layout here as well. Ah, obsession is fun.

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