OH MY LACK OF GOD!    2005-05-16 03:07:09 ET
They are making a V For Vendetta movie! ::jumps up and down:: A V For Vendetta movie! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

And it comes out on 11/5 of this year. Yes, 115 - I saw that coming. I love you Azazel!

I am damn sure that Alan Moore has creative control of this project. ^^

I can't wait, I'm bouncing off the walls!

And even better, Lux already has a V For Vendetta cosplay that we made him in the beginning of 2004.

 mohawk preview    2005-05-15 05:31:22 ET
So, I did it, I shaved my head and am now well on my way to having the mohawk I've been wanting for quite some time now.

Today we do the first bleaching and maybe a test spiking. Now, say you love it! Love it! ::shakes fist::

 D!    2005-05-14 08:58:21 ET
I see you're on here so come on AIM so we can chat damnit!
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 Mohawk 2006? No, sooner!    2005-05-11 02:42:20 ET
So, with each passing day my desire to get my mohawk now grows stronger and stronger. The only reason I was going to wait until 2006 to get my mohawk to begin with was because of my Lucifer (Angel Sanctuary) cosplay that I'll be wearing not only to MetroCon but also twice at Anime Expo, once at AFO, and possibly once at Dragon*Con or AWA (whichever I go to...probably AWA cause Lynn is going to that one and says it's cheaper...woot! Plus, a possible Ivy (Soul Calibur) pairing, ha!). So, anyway, yeah, you can see why styling my hair like Lucifer (which I really like and think would be tres sexy on me) would be in order. However, I was going to get it cut also just so I wouldn't need to buy a wig and thusly, save money on the cosplay itself.

But then I realized, um duh, when I get my mohawk next year, I'd need to get a wig anyway to continue wearing Lucifer afterwards. Plus, getting my hair styled and then dying it black/purple myself would end up costing as much (or more probably) than the wig. So, I think I'm gonna grab my scissors this weekend and try to restyle the Lucifer wig I got for Lux so it's more accurate. Once statisfied, I shall get my mohawk.

Yes, many pictures shall be posted. Don't fret. ^^

I'm also starting to check out Mac makeup now that it's getting to the point where I need some new cosmetics. Dear lord, it's pricey!

 Vincent Valentine Cosplay    2005-05-09 04:09:25 ET
So, I'm not sure how many people on here will be interested in this but I make costumes and this is a recent Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII) commission I finsihed. I'll actually be making this one again for D so yeah. Fucking claw was a pain to figure out but really easy once I did. So, enjoy. Vincent Valentine pix

On a side note, I need to go to some thrift stores some time this week and get a couple pairs of black jeans/pants to alter - I am down to just my jean capris 'cause I finally wore out all my pants with the exception of my black and purple vinyl pairs (and if you think I'm wearing vinyl pants during the Florida summer days, well, you're even crazier than me).

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