FB    2010-01-18 18:58:41 ET
uhm... so 90% of times now that I took photos of something/somewhere/someone all my friends tell me to share them on facebook...and I didn't have account there... it's not like the old days I just gave them in a USB or by email..
So, I finally joined that facebook thing... I don't have an idea of how to use that page.
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 entering 2010    2010-01-02 17:02:31 ET
Well, I spent xmass and new year's eve wiht family, and the rest of days hanging out with friends.

Anyway, my most interesting news is that I got a tattoo.


 wasted    2009-12-12 05:44:05 ET
I think I'm still drunk...

yesterday I had dinner party with my boss and guys from work... since the boss pays the dinner we started ordering bottles of wine and tequila and beer and all. Our boss left and closed the count to $1,300 i guess... or somthing like that. then only 4 friends were left and we ordered one more bottle of wine... then we continued drinking at a friend's house... damn i dont remember how I got home but the car is ok.

yet i'm right now at work, with such a hungover... my head is spinning... and in a few hours i have rehearsal with some dudes, then at night is the big dinner "posada" of all the company,... more alcohol.
then tomorrow I play with chamber orchestra at mid day.

I guess its true what some sain about musicians, ...we are madly insane sometimes.

damn, if I could count how many times did I use the backspace key in the keyboard right now... i'm so wasted right now. I need to sleep...

 no time for everything    2009-12-01 19:09:01 ET

I do I like so many things? I can't do all at the same time dammit!

 wig    2009-10-21 20:42:37 ET
I have a nice 4 days vacation to Guanajuato's Cervantino festival, It was great!

I already know what I want for halloween costume, but I only have foun the wig. I need a proper coat too.

Ugh, I need to do more exercise, but I also want more time for music, drawing/painting, reading, stuff.

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