Vordhosbn    2010-09-07 20:50:26 ET
Last Sunday I couldn't sleep until 2am.. then had to wake at 6am to be at 7am at work.

Normally I'm more of a instrumental music fan. I mean everything Rock, metal, ska, punk, jazz, blues, latin sounds, oldies classics, clasical music, anything with musicians playing instruments, hence you can tell I'm not into pop music at all... and sometimes I also get a little exasperated with some friends who brag too much about electronic music and raves being so underground and awesome.

I DO understand there are some intellectual electronic music DJs out there... but, I still admire more anyone capable of transmitting their artsy feelings AND talent through an instrument by analog movements of their hands and body instead of just programed bits of 1s and 0s.

So don't get me wrong, I don't dislike electronic music, but I find it harder to admire something that attractive to me. So far my very poor knowledge genres of this music form limits to some Bjork, Portishead, Aphex Twin, Prodigy at the most.

Bah... this is just a midnight thought...

 72    2010-08-26 18:09:27 ET
I'm sure many have heard, but if not...


I live a few mile from there.
Yes, we hear shootouts very often, but this yesterday's news was very shocking to hear in TV news and everywhere.

 1week vacation    2010-07-31 04:33:01 ET
I have a 1 week vacations, starting tomorrow.
and I'm starting to catch a cold! fck damn no!!
I need lots of medicine or something, I don't wan't to be sick all the week.

It's a one week of rehearsals, meeting new people, having fun and then the concert. It's going rock all good, but damn I don't want to have a cold or flu dammit!

 Jeeping    2010-06-22 20:10:12 ET
I went rock crawling in JEEP with Gerson.
It was fun.


 weekend    2010-06-07 19:37:13 ET
Hell of a hot weather this weekend.

It's sad that people here are getting used to shootings between drug dealers and army men almost every week.

I work now on Sundays. Saturdays free, the only bad thing of it, is that now Sundays I go to work with hung overs..

Rehearsal was canceled. I got to buy a new music stand and a nifty tuner clip that may show off next Saturday haha.

Also, I bought 40X Salvia. I never had bought it alone.. Now a need a pipe, but I guess it's as hard to decide for one as for women to buy shoes.

Today I could take out of my head some Mozart's music. I'll have to play more until I get bored of it.

This house is nice, but I really need to move out to a more centric place, I'm in the middle of no-where. By the end of month I'll move with a Jeep/wrangler-maniac pink floyd fan and a guy who sometimes is a good rocker guy and others is as tame as a puppy.

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