losing stuff    2009-09-17 19:56:07 ET
I really really really HATE when I lose something...
I can't find my iPod anywhere since last Sunday!!!!
godamn... I need music!

-I've been trying to paint again... an hour or so every week or two.
-Also practicing violin... like twice or so per week.. or less.
-I bought a book about DaVinci's life and works... so I've also been trying to read one a week.
-I joined a soccer team just for fun... playing one per week also.
-I've been liking a cute girl from work. I know I might not succeed with her, but she's very cute and nice and can't seem to find more interesting girls here.
-I bought new CDs, ...nice music... from latin jazz to rock/metal and symphonic pieces.
-I can't figure out whether keep working on the same place or it's time to look for something new... or maybe even study again at something.

I'm loosing my mind.

I want to try salvia again.

 Carencia    2009-07-29 19:25:42 ET
This is yet one of the most inspirational music ever to jump around and slam everything and party all along!
It makes me want to explode of energy!

 paint!!!!!!!    2009-05-27 18:23:05 ET
I know this is sooo photoshop, but damn good funny photoshop:

It has inspired me so much wanting to paint again!

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 ...still    2009-05-06 18:54:51 ET
uhm, yeah, continuing the past post, neither have much time to read subkulturers as before.
I miss it reading more people here o_0

 not enoughf for anything    2009-04-16 20:08:36 ET
A week ago a bought a canvas, brush pencils and oils. I starving to try to paint again.. I just haven't had time yet.

Last weekend I went to a beach with a friend and his girlfriend. She's sooo immaturely prepish, dumb in some ways and boring on others. I kind of felt uncomfortable with them. I've hung out with other buddies and their girlfriends and it's been ok, but this one isn't that cool to be with.

This week I've been coming out of work sort of late... passed 8pm. I haven't had time enough to ...uhm, paint, draw, practice violin, go jogging, arrange music for string quartet, hang out with friends, or just read or watch tv.

Considering that previously said, I so going to need some beer for this weekend.

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