call    2009-03-30 18:54:35 ET
i know my last entry was just myself trying to ignore ripeness... I need to be more mature than that.

Today my father called me because he received a very strange call...
without many details my dad changed his cellphone number, and the house's home number.... for security.
I really hope it was just a dud.

 alcohol...    2009-03-23 09:23:15 ET
Yesterday I woke up with vomit besides me in my bed.
I couldn't remember how I even got home.
A few hours later I was noticed that a friend who I hung out last night crashed his car against a police car and was taken to hospital. Fortunately, he's ok.

Damn alcohol...

 impromptu    2009-03-02 18:37:45 ET


 shooting    2009-02-19 17:59:07 ET
There was a shooting this last Tuesday, drug dealers against police and military guys, 10 people dead and around 20 injured. I lasted about 3 hours of shootings and some grenades. I happened at middle of day. Fortunately we were at work. Then I got the news that the shooting was about 6 squares or so near our home.

Tomorrow is Friday, some cold beers are needed.

 My passion    2009-02-02 20:28:46 ET

Yup, last Saturday I just aquired my new best adoration.

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