damn drm    2008-09-30 18:07:02 ET
Is there someone out here that mcan help me with this software issue_
Im not exactly a smart computer/systems person, I just know some stuff like common people.

As some know I work in LG, and the computers we use there are "protected" by this damn software called WaterWall. Which is a controlling outlow information software.. or more commonly called DRM in systems lenguage. So basically what it makes is that it doesn't let you save files in your USB or CD to be read by any other common compuer )except one that has the same software).

This is done so they can protect their internal files and such... but come on, I'm not trying to steal their magic recepy for making LG televisions.. I just want once in a while download an mp3 or video and take it home.

aaragh... I need to disable this think somehow...

 korean working style    2008-08-22 17:53:53 ET
Time ago I didn't how was I going to be when I had a full-time job. Now that I have I'm not sure if I'm a workaholic or just trying to be responsible in my job functions.

Alas, I enter to work at 8:00am and almost everyday end uo leaving at 8:pm when my "leaving" time is at 5:30pm.
Around here it's a common say that it is "korean working style", because they (korean bosses) also always end up leaving around 9pm or 10pm.

I don't know... It's not like I really feel passion and excitment by my work like being a workaholic, it's more like I feel worried for having too much responsabilities that I need to accomplish to not let down my bosses. Because since I work in Quality Assurance department, I'm constantly dealing with defects and so everybody is worried about having good quality on the product.

Blah... I wonder if sooner my job will become a little more calmed, or will I be always coming home that late?

 sores    2008-05-13 16:47:51 ET
Weather here is as hell... in my home city it was also hot, but at least it was dry. Here it's all damped! I'm not used to hot humid weather! It's so freaking annoying, and this damn A/C doesn'y cool enough the room. I will need to save some money and buy a real good one.

On other news, last week I attended a course called "Innovation School" given by the same LG people. It's a course where they show you some stuff of teamwork, innovate ideas, have quality in our jobs, etc. It lasted from Monday to Friday. Normally entering at 7am and leaving arounf 10:30pm, and the last day we had this rally thing of walking 24 Km (15 miles) and having to teamwork activities like jumping the rope and such, so we ended up deadly tired. Anywas, it was sort of fun at times, but for the next few days all my body was hurting from all that exercise.

I miss having internet in my computer (at home), I onle get to use MSN (messaging protocols) in work, but main internet protocols are restricted unless I ask approval for it (like business-related investigate-research stuff). Maybe I'll get interet at home later.

 news    2008-05-03 11:54:58 ET
A month ago I finally got an apartment for my own. It's a little expensive but I can do well if I don't spend much and other things.

Since I started working I don't have much time for internet as I used to, and whenever I have chance to access internet I don't know why the first pages I browse is youtube or wikipedia or google random words.
Please someone show me more interesting stuff around here.

 far from everything    2008-03-19 17:00:34 ET
It's been a while... too much indeed. Many things have happened.
In last journal entry a barely wrote about I wrecked the car.
The inloved and beloved girl dumped me.
I got really drunk two times I didn't remember very well how I eneded and things i did.
I'm a more calmed now days. If I haven't mentioned I work in LG Electronics, in a Plasma TV plant.
Im looking for a place to rent by myself, because sometimes it's too small the place where I live (with 3 roomates).
Anyways, I don't what else to say, may later will come up with something.
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