Comrades    2009-01-27 19:48:24 ET
We and my friends tried this before new year...
A little xmas tree.. out of bottles:

From Left to right:
Ozziel, Myself, Gerson & Ivan.
Ozz & Gerson are from teh drunkest people I've met.

They all rock!

Also, last weekend, I got soooo drunk with these guys and a few other friends. I had never been sooo waisted, The worst hungover ever.

We started drinking on Friday because a friend bought a car and we (around other 3 friends) were kind of celebrating him, but I ended up with Ozz and Ivan at their house drinking more. Then at 4am I walked home kind of drunk to home and a fucking dog BIT ME! ..bastard.

Then at saturday, another friend (Rodo) woke me up at 11am to help him along with Ivan to move him to a new house. So along all day as we moved stuf and randomlly drinking more beer, we ended at night again with same friends of Friday playing poker at night.

Then at 2am we finished playing poker and dudes drove me home, I was indeed drunk but really depressed like thinking of an old girl ans such, I drank 3 more beers alone at home (because my other roomie I think he had passed asleep) and then I decided to call Gerson and he said to come over at a party. So I went and drank some more, I even smoked and I don't like it much, but I was drunk. Somehow I don't know how I ended up in Ozz, Ivan & Gerson's house again, laying in the floor, it was now 1pm. Gerson said we stopped drinking and passed to sleep at 8am but I couldn't remember a thing.

So that Sunday that I woke uo at their house, I drank only 2 more beers and went home again walking at 4pm. I barely checked some stuff at home and slept at 5pm, woke up at 11pm, took a bath and slept again.

On next Monday at work I still was with the worst hung over ever. My stomach was all messed up I could barely eat a thing. I'm not sure if this was in deed the worst drunk weekend ever or what. Kind of similar to Los Cabos, but this onre really got me thinking into maybe stop drinking for a while.
I don't know. I'm such a human waste sometimes.

 Los Cabos    2009-01-20 19:47:34 ET


 new year    2009-01-14 19:37:07 ET
Happy new year and such...

Heh, I haven't updated anything here since december... I promised I would update more often, but right now I'm a bit tired.

Xmas spent with family at Los Cabos, really kickass beach, yet it'd have been greater if I had been with friends at nights instead of my folks. It was nice with them though.

Economic crisis is starting to affect in my work. Probably no salary rise and some technicians will be relocated. More overtime without payment. I wonder when will this is going to stabilize.

Pictures of Los Cabos will post later.

 camera    2008-12-02 18:47:46 ET
I bought a Casio Exilim camera last Friday. I'll be able -finally- to take pictures of anyhting and post something here like most people.

Also, I moved from appartment, now I live in a house with two roomies. It's cheaper.

 pockets    2008-11-13 20:45:00 ET
Note to myself:

Always remember to check out for any left napkins or papers inside your pants pockets when doing laundry!

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