nowdays...    2007-06-11 20:41:08 ET
I bought a cheap pair of sunglasses, I couldnít stand this damn sun, itís freaking blinding me, and the damn heat... I wish I lived somewhere else... or at least not somewhere else but someweather else.

Recently Iíve been listening to this ACID internet radio station found either in Live365 or in winamp, nice stuff. Sykoraido is nice too, but I'm always late to catch up the schedule of boradcasting. Iíve also bee trying to educate myself a bit on Jazz oldies, because I donít know much, but recently heard a couple song and liked them a lot. Also, I read this article about the Misirlou music, that one at the beginning of the Pulp Fiction movie, interesting facts.

A week ago a friend and I went to the park and took out our violins and just started playing to see how much we could get from people tossing us coins, it was fun, I gather around $25. Other than that, I have quite a boring life by the moment, hopefully in a month or so Iíll go out and travel with a few guys from the orchestra people. I wish I had drunk-faity-godparents.

 goof    2007-05-31 19:55:01 ET
School is almost over, "professional practices" are also over as well... I'm close to become an engineer... Iím still doubtful if I am really going to be someone in life... will I have a decent job or at least be happy with one?
I keep getting drunk every Friday... or weekends in general.
I adore more playing violin than being interested in electronics...
Some new odd thing came up. Apparently a girl I met a month ago (from one of those concerts that we get to travel), we started talking be msn, and suddenly she said she liked me, like in a way of ďtoo bad I already have a boyfriend, because I like youĒ thing. That in some way made me feel nice, but also strange, I donít recall people ever saying that sort of things to me. I replied that sheís too beautiful and also liked her, answering humorously; I had too, because we really havenít met enough for saying those sort of things, and besides I donít feel like feel strong feelings for someone again, in a while, since the last happening with Pamela. So this girl, Tere, might just be really goofing around thus maybe Iíll be playing along too, besides, sheís much younger, she wouldnít really like much of me if she knew me... yeah... thatís it, sheís young, sheís just goofing around, I donít know why I brought up this.
Whatever, I felt the need to keep drawing, and made a drawing of her too.

Letís see... what else... I had a weird but attractive dream about me being able to fly and go from ceiling to ceiling all the way through the city, and that I kissed a girl who was trying to capture heh... O_0

 ink!    2007-05-17 20:04:59 ET
heh.. I never have something interesting to say here... finally now I have something.. uhm, not much really, I just wanted to say that I started drawing again. I made a drawing from a couple of friends I met one in a few travels, Pamela (left) and Leslie (right).


     2007-04-22 17:24:44 ET
It had been long since I didn't post a thing here, and actually, I don't know much what to say.
I did another arrangement of a nursery-rhyme-kind-of song for symphonic orchestra... the director just told me to do a simple arrangement, basically to fill the piano voices with the other instruments.. but as usual I ended up making variations and adding more harmony :P whatever... I hope he doesn't complain that much.

uhm.. what else... school... boring as usual... only one semester left.. hopefully... I barely know anything about electronics... I might go live under a brige... heheh

 laying down    2007-04-10 18:25:54 ET
Last week was the DRUNKEST week ever! all nights drunk!

this week I'm sick

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