aahh    2007-03-22 19:50:36 ET
I'm so desperated!! I DON'T know where the fuck did I leave this one CD! I've been looking for it all in my room!, I don't know where is it! The only places I remember seeing it was on the computer or in a car, but I looked both and I can't find it!!
oh, the feeling... this feeling of not knowing where is it! craaapp!

 numb    2007-03-15 20:49:21 ET
I wish I could sleep better...

Thanks to alluc.org I can now watch old tv shows I used to love.

I know I'm a total ignorant on this sort of music, but as I've seen many people are into undistrial thing here, and I don't even know if these songs are this genre or not, but I was scratching old files and found some music that I still like: Prodigy - Breathe and Aphex twin - Come to daddy. So, as I was saying, I don't know much of that genre but I like those songs. Any recomendations??


I friend of mine was depressed because she told me that someone took advantage of her while she was drunk and stonned... damn, I wish I could kick that guy's ass, but she's about miles away on a different state. I hope she's ok.

 Tzigane    2007-03-13 19:26:14 ET
I had a grill last Friday at my home with some friends from school; it was nice, we ended drunk until 4:30 am. The I also had to take two friends to their homes and one of them invited me another beers so I returned home at 6 am. I woke up at 3 pm with a lovely hangover and missed the rehearsals I always have on Saturday. No big deal, since we have rehearsal Sundays too.

I phoned I friend who lives in Canada just to say hello, last Thursday, because it was International Womenís Day, heheh I also send text messages by cellphone to some friends by the same reason. I forgot to post here and say hello to all kind ladies here. Iím sorry I get distracted.

I love playing my violin, and sometimes I wish I had another life to develop it more and enjoy it in a different level... but alas, Iím almost in my way out to become an engineer.

 hello again    2007-02-11 17:19:33 ET
Heh, Itís been ages since I didnít post anything here; maybe my life is way to embarrassing hehe.
Well, letís see... A week a ago, I was too drunk that in the hangover it hurt my stomach like a bitch, had headache for the entire day; then got sick, of flu, sinusitis... oh well, painful week.

I had quite funny bizarre dreams last week too...

I did and an arrangement of Piazzollaís Libertango, for our little chamber string orchestra; the guys and the director liked it, but resulted quite difficult, heheh, oh well... I love music.

Uhm, I donít know what else to say...

 dumb    2007-01-17 10:31:08 ET
The new episodes of Prison Break are coming next Monday, thatís cool.

Last night, before going to sleep, I was watching some pictures of Pamela again, and felt a little nostalgia, then today I woke up dreaming of her, like if we were in the same orchestra or something, it was nice, but just a dream.

Today, also, my father asked me to do the number plates change for the car, so I went at midday, paid and all, I struggled a little when changing the plates because of on single screw but managed to do it well, Then I just went straight home and got detained by a cop, apparently because of speeding in a school zone. Fuck. I didnít feel I was that fast, there neither were pedestrians or anything, damn him.

This semester Iíll have now only two subjects, and professional practices thing, like working in a company or something. I havenít decided were to go yet. I should know by the next two weeks. Iím a mess.

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