Clichť    2007-01-04 09:35:38 ET
yeah yeah, whatever.

 New End    2007-01-01 22:34:01 ET
On Christmas I went to my grandparents house and had dinner with them along with some relatives as well. My mom gave me a DVD Burner as a present and some money, so it was nice.
Then some day of last week, at 5:30am when I was asleep, Pamela called me to my cellphone, well, she just rings me and hangs up, she likes to do that a lot; that woke me up and I called her too, and talked for 8 minutes. Since I like her very much and didnít mind that she woke me up, itís be always a pleasure being from her.

Also, between xmas and new years eve I got drunk 3 times. The last one on 30th, the hangover the next day got me very depressed, to the point of considering suicide, I really felt like shit, not really because of getting drunk but because that night with these friends we were talking about stuff that got me thinking on too many things, you know, when you end up almost philosophizing your own existence and such... my miserable existence. So at midday, still on bed, I phoned Pamela again; just hearing her voice was somehow helpful, and she was very kind.

Then that night (31st) spent the new yearís eve again with relatives at an uncleís house, and phoned her again while the transition of change of year, everyone yelling happy new year and such. Then one hour later phoned her again to now hear her yelling (due different time zone) for new year as well. That was nice.
I was awake until 7am, went to sleep at that hour and woke up at 3pm.
Well now... another year has finished, I wonder how many tears and blood drips am I going to see, or how many smiles am I going to caress.

 photos!!    2006-12-23 19:04:18 ET
The mini concert thing went more or less fine. I still get a bit nervous, I am shy by nature; but, whatever, itís passed. After that, some of the chamber orchestra including me went to a coffee shop and talked random shit. Then later I went to rejoin with some ex-colleagues from years ago, and hang out with them until 4am.

Damn yahoo!, someone possibly hacked my yahoo account or either they kicked me out, perhaps because I havenít used it much as EMAIL but only to achieve photos ( ) so, the thing is that a few weeks ago I received an email to my hotmail from account saying that my password was successfully changed! WTF, so that means that someone did enter my account and changed it, because I surely donít recall doing or wanting to do that at all. Thus I canít enter my yahoo account now: I donít know the password. Iím not worried much about the email, since I didnít use it much, but I did once in a while update photos to the photos service.
Oh well itís neither like I didnít have those photos in the computer, mainly most of them were just scans of my drawings and had them there in case anyone wanted to see them in the internet, so itís neither a great loss. Now I have created a new account at like many people do here, and have already uploaded mostly all my drawings again. In case anyone wanted to take a peek at my stuff its on
I sort of arranged the photos by year (2002 to 2006).

Aite then, I donít know what else to say... uhm, happy holidays and stuff!

 11:59    2006-12-19 20:00:34 ET
Heh... itís been really long since I didnít update here; I occasionally did came and see a few other journals but didnít comment much or do anything.
I donít know what else to say about me... Iím so boring some times... many times... well, I can assure that this semester I have gotten ore drunk than ever, heheh, just last Wednesday I got very drunk, and possibly next coming Thursday I will again.
On that coming day Iíll also play Bachís Violin concerto in Am, only the first movement, and weíll probably also play an arrangement for string that I made from the Carol of the Bells song.
Mmh... I donít know what else to say... so Iím just ending this now.

 making origami swans is amusing    2006-10-29 19:41:25 ET
Well, actually, I do have some stuff to write about.. but I'm sort of tired right now. I will post somthing for tomorrow, or soon.
For now I can say... prison break!

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