I think im sick?    2005-10-25 05:00:04 ET
I am having these crazy vomit episodes. I thought I had the flu but after I vomit I feel fine. I hope this stops soon because I have no idea when it comes on. I feel fine then bam, out of no where I start chucking. When rebecca comes into town I hope I don't vomit into her mouth. On second thought......

Other than that I feel icy
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 change    2005-10-24 13:54:21 ET
God so much has changed since my last post. Where I live, who I love, what I want. I feel really good about where I am at personally. I took a lot of shitty things happening for me to realize I didn't like the direction I was going and who I was. I can say I really feel like things are going to be different no matter where I am or who I'm with. For two weeks I have felt like a totally different person. A lot more vulnerable but I really do feel 18 again heart ache and all. I feel like that the last chapter in my life was a bad one but with lots of magical moments. I just can't wait for the next one to get moving. I don't know who will be in it or what it will contain but I'm ready, smarter, stronger, better and lets hope cuter than when this whole thing began. Lets see if I can keep up on this journal.

Lip repierced? circle yes or no

I am the Aleister Crowley of love.
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 Goodnight\badnight    2005-04-03 08:25:21 ET
I should have totally stayed home last night. I played taxi to parties I didn't really care about. I guess it was my own fault for pretending to care. God the first half of my day was spectacular and the last was mediocre. Spending the day with Tate blowing money was definitely the highlight of the day. She bleached my hair and experimented with hair removal with me. It was quite fun yelling obscenity at her while she ripped hair off my body. I went to pick up my friend Casey with bleach on my head and ended up getting suckered into playing taxi. It's my own fault because I could have said no but I went along with it. I wish I would have gone home to spend a couple more hours with Tate before she went to sleep. Last night was weird and she had to go straight to work in the morning. I miss her so.

 Weekend of doom    2005-01-31 19:50:08 ET
Trip to la - Friday
i just drove past a sign at the paso fairgrounds for the show of the century. fucking zz top, blink 182 and the goo goo dolls. when i was eight my mother took me to a record store to purchase the new millivanilli album, little did i know the world as i knew it was about to be rocked by an impulse buy of zz top's greatest hits. it is because of them i know the value of a sharp dressed man and great legs..
Zoo - Saturday
Oh boy, what a day. blue skys and a nice breeze. we went to la zoo today. i wasn't keen on the idea of us going to the zoo but Hanna seemed to enjoy it. i don't think that is adequate justification but its all i got. Hanna was very excited to see all the animals shes been reading about. she was in full effect with animal sounds, ohhs ahhs and awws.
Tate's mother offered to sit Hanna so after dinner with Vinny & Nicole we went to see Sideways which was very good. I wasn't in love with it at first but as the movie went on I started to care for the characters even though l couldn't relate to them at all. The subtle humor was nice and the characters were quirky. I think Tate called it a smarter ghost world for older people with out hip characters.
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     2005-01-27 10:27:56 ET
Holy shit my back hurts but this made me feel so much better.
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