2005-08-14 13:51:37 ET


So, rehearsal went well Saturday, (although I was trying to survive on 15 minutes of sleep) we got out 45 minutes early.

I came home to David laying in my bed.-Nice surprise definitely.

I was kind of upset though when he told me he didn't remember half of out 4 hour long IM conversation the night previous. But, at least what he said he confirmed as true.

David:You should get plastered more often and talk to me till all hours of the night.

His visit was nice, all except for like a brief 10 minute tiff we got into.

(Teh sex0rz was good too, hee hee hee.)

I hope I see him again soon.

So tomorrow is my driving class. Then getting my shots, then hanging with my homies. THEN rehearsal.

Life is sooooo hectic.

God dammit, really..
2005-08-11 11:32:40 ET

So today has already started sucking. Where is my luck when I need it!!

1)My cat ran away. Somehow she jumped out the window and ran away. I love that cat so much and now she's gone. Riff (the other cat) won't stop meowing, he's just sitting at the window. I ran around the entire block like 4 times, in my pajamas and all. My Mom is crying, it's just really fucking sad.

2)I had a horrible dream.

3)I slipped in the kitchen and bashed my head into the tile counter and I'm bleeding.

4)I'm getting my shots tomorrow. (Although that is a good thing, it's going to be horribly painful.)

5)My cell phone hates me. Long story...

6)My Mom and I got into an argument about how lazy I am.

Life is kicking my ass right now.

2005-08-10 19:45:26 ET

"i miss you a lot. i almost came over to your house today, but i figured you'd be busy with friends. i've been thinking about you all day. i love you."

I think the boy loves me.

2005-08-08 19:44:07 ET

Even though you know nothing about me, is there anything that seems slightly appealing about me?

2005-08-06 07:42:37 ET

Does anyone know how to do makeup...mine always looks shitty.

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