This is a little careful.
2005-07-11 18:17:32 ET

*I gave you your disclaimer.*

So tomorrow is my surgery, I'm terrified.

Dr. Collis is going to be doing a lot more then she had initially told me.

Not only is she cutting two holes in my stomach to look for the progression of Endometrios they will have to cut two more holes in me if they do find it so they can cauterize the "diseased tissue" off. She is also going to do a biopsy from this.

I get a catheter tomorrow... *shudder*

They're also going to induce labor so that I can be dilated so that she can scrape all the inside lining of my uterus and that in turn will give me a period...sort of a pseudo period. While she's doing that she is going to cut a small portion of my uterus muscle so that she can see if I have a thing called Aedonmyosis...

If I have Aedonmyosis they will put me on a medication called Luprin and something else, so that my periods will be suppressed but I will have a faux-menopause.

Dr. Collis also talked to my Mom about a hysterectomy...that scares me.

Anyways, I'll be in the hospital for a long time. Then when I go home I'll have an IV still...for the first 48 hours. I trust my Mom though, she's a nurse so I trust her with the IV, I'd rather have her do it then some nurse or tech that I don't know.

Someone send me flowers maybe?

2005-07-11 19:14:15 ET

Hey, sorry to hear about the surgery and possible diseases. Hospitals...ick.

I've noticed that you like Portishead. You're actually the first person I've seen that knows who they are.

Plus, Trent Reznor is tasty.

2005-07-11 19:15:43 ET

He is!!

2005-07-11 19:26:49 ET

I'm trying my hardest to get to one of his concerts before I die but for some reason...It hasn't worked out yet.

2005-07-11 19:30:37 ET

I bet tickets are uber expensive.

2005-07-11 19:50:08 ET

actually, they usually range from about $30 - $60 which isn't that bad. I'm just pissed off that ticketmaster is handling the ones for the fall tour. I've been screwed over by them before. Plus, I'm not going to be in town when they do go on sale and they have a tendency to sell quickly (I was supposed to go to the spring tour but the tickets sold out five people in front of me).

2005-07-11 20:19:53 ET

I'd love to see teh Reznor.


2005-07-11 20:45:31 ET

so would I. He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. *grins*

2005-07-12 11:04:18 ET

I've seen him live bitches!!
*dances around aimlessly*

2005-07-12 15:45:14 ET

i love portishead..

good luck with everything.

2005-07-12 22:59:58 ET

Luck be with you dear !! I hate surgery the biggest I had ws skin cancer and that sucked. SHould come by sometime. And rocky horror rocks our just sucks hahaha....

2005-07-13 14:24:23 ET

stormzealot: I hate you! Was it fantastic? Please do gush...

2005-07-13 15:01:07 ET

it was everything you could dream it to be and even more arousing.

2005-07-17 10:02:50 ET

well, now I get my chance to see for myself. I got floor tickets! I'm going to see the concert in September. Yay!

2005-07-17 20:03:42 ET

how much that set you back?

2005-07-21 09:53:22 ET

well, actually I didn't pay for them. my friend did. It cost $115 for two general admission tickets. I told him I'd pay him back though...once I got a job.

2005-07-21 10:50:27 ET

typical female.

2005-07-24 12:03:23 ET

hey, at least I'm paying him back.

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