Evil weather is evil    2010-03-01 20:39:40 ET
So its often said that one can not truely miss something until you cant go do it or have it. I have not been able to go flying for about 2 weeks now due to crappy weather and I never thought I would miss it this much. Never really had this kinda feeling before.

Anyway that's all I have, hoping to get back up in the air soon.

 Mother Nature 1, Me 0    2010-02-26 11:36:22 ET
So I was in Boston for grad school and I got out around 9. Had to walk about 8 blocks to the train station. In the middle of hurricane fuck-u or nor-easter ass-rape. I did prepare for the storm, I had a good long rain jacket and boots. But the 50 mile per hour wind turned into 70 mile per hour gusts going down Mass Ave. So needless to say even a submarine could not have kept me dry. Even dare i say, a yellow submarine.

2010.02.25 21:31

Victim: NightmareAspect1
Corp: Massachusetts
Alliance: United States of America
Faction: United Nations
Destroyed: Human Body
System: Boston
Security: 0.0
Damage Taken: beyond 9000

Involved parties:

Name: Nor-Easter (Laid the Final Blow)
Security: -10.0
Corp: Weather
Alliance: Mother Nature
Faction: Earth
Ship: Blizzard
Weapon: 50mph Wind cannon II
Damage Done: 4501

Name: Nor-Easter 2
Security: -10.0
Corp: Weather
Alliance: Mother Nature
Faction: Earth
Ship: Blizzard
Weapon: 1mm Gattling Rain Cannon I
Damage Done: 4500

Destroyed items:

Dell Laptop
Large School Book
Medium School Book

Dropped items:

Human Body

((bad eve joke is bad))

Also note: Red Faction Guerrilla = WIN!

 Best Flying... before a storm?    2010-02-22 17:19:54 ET
So I went up for another lesson today. There is a major storm that is coming up this week. My instructor and I were expecting the air to be very turbulent. And at ground level its was, gusty and fast at about 15-25 knots at the airport. Take off was bumpy, but after about a thousand feet the air was smooth. And I mean really smooth, so smooth that we had a hard time finding anything that even hinted at turbulence. It was literally the calm before the storm. When we got back to the airport after an hour or so, the wind had dropped to a gentle breeze. Was a strange time where the old adage came true.

Stupid little story is stupid... I know

 The grind continues    2010-02-21 17:56:34 ET
Well the wonderful world of EVE Online continues. No matter where you are or what you are doing its all a grind. That being said this god damn game is still holding my interest despite me playing it for 3 years or so. But it looks like me and my friends are going to be but raped by everyone in eve. Ohh well, it was a fun run at the top.

 When to not talk...    2010-02-18 15:39:05 ET
Even if you have the information that everyone needs and wants. One should shut the hell up.

Now I have to write a report, by my self, to present for the whole class....

god kill me...

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