MONKEYS IN SPACE!    2010-06-23 13:52:25 ET
Okay so I finally got to see some real time in game play of Jumpgate Evolution. I'm struck by how much it looks and feels like Freelancer. The games in every way shape and form seems to be a massive upgrade over Freelancer. If they stick to the whole setup that Freelancer, as in small fighters and corvettes going at each other, I'm sure the game will do fine.

Jumpgate seems to be stearing well away from the battleship slug fest that EVE Online holds at its core for space combat. And considering how well EVE seems to be doing that end of the space combat spectrum, Jumpgate will do well to hop all over the fighter on fighter combat.

Im going to try and get into the open beta. The game really looks interesting. As for me playing the game regularly? That all depends on what the payment plan is. If its a one time buy in, then I'm all over it. But I will have a hard time justifying playing 15 bucks a month for another game that seems to have a significantly smaller universe then EVE Online.

Also, the new star wars preview videos make me want to play Force Unleashed 2 and The Old Republic right now.

 The World is in motion: I want to get off    2010-06-15 13:48:36 ET
So sorry I have not been the most active in here lately. Life is doing its "90 miles per hour into a brick wall" thing again. I finally got a job but I'm only managing to get 15 hours a week. This is mainly due to grad school. I have come to the realization that I have almost no interest in Psychology any more. My folks have announced they are selling the house I I need to move with them to Colorado or find a place to stay in mass. This would be fine if I had a job that payed more then 2 bucks. They kindly offered me my grandmothers house... if I could come up with the 2300 a month rent to stay there. Thanks but no thanks?

I was hoping this job that I got would get me back into flying. Was so close to doing my solo flight. But it looks like everything is on hold for me trying to figure out how to not become homeless. In other news the Porsche suffered a terminal case of a dead Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and is dead. If I cant find a replacement for it then I will have a 2 ton shiney paperweight that cost me 80 bucks if a want to move it. I now know what its like to need a tow truck and not know anyone that I can call. And it died 500 feet from my freakin driveway. Didn't need the money anyway.

Anywho, not much ells has changed. If anyone cares the great big war in the north of EVE Online has come to an end. The invaders were sent home, once again losing a lot of assets for absolutely no gain. I get the feeling that i might be the only eve playing in Subkultures right now.

Cya all around.

 Long Day    2010-05-14 09:33:32 ET
So I have been working on a project of rather little consiquence to those who are outside the game of EVE Online. I had built up an alliance from nothing to a very well respected group in null sec. But due to an ego maniac and down right asshole, I was forced to abandon all that I had worked on. Logging in every day and being told how useless i was for the bast 6 months really graded on me. I tired to be kind and political about it but in the end is simply could not take it anymore. The things this person did to me and does to others on a daily basis is rather wrong. But i digress.

Now I'm picking up all that I have made and worked on and moving. I seem to have a theme that every project I work really hard on is doomed to fail in a manner the id directly proportional to how much effort I put into it. The harder I work on it the bigger the explosion.

Also, family decided not to help me fly anymore, another dream shattered. Not like I wanted to fly anyway...

 WAAAGGGHHH    2010-04-26 17:18:53 ET
Long week is long. Did a lot of flying, trying to get that done and over with. Stressed out beyond all recognition. My brain is on fire. More later maybe, maybe not.

 Back to Healthy    2010-04-09 08:55:02 ET
The cold is gone but I'm left wit that super annoying and very frustraiting cough that yeilds nothing. But I'm better and back to working my ass of in college. I'm hoping that I get into an internship program soon.

Other then that I'm bouncing around going nuts. Nothing is going on that I really want to deal with. EVE Online is being a fucking time whore as every group in the game is invading a small group and its just constant headaches. But those people who care are growing fewer and fewer.

Other then that, flight lessons are going well. Hope I'm mastering it. Its unfortunately one of those things that you don't know you have fucked up until its way too late.

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