Computer fixed    2010-04-04 13:36:28 ET
Okay so I had to rebuild the software on the system. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. After I got my main system back up and running my lappy 2000 started to grind itself apart. The water damage from the rain storm finally took its tole (got rained on when i had to walk to a train station in a rain storm). So I took some of my college money and got myself a new lappy 5000.

Other then that I manage to catch the most annoying cold I have ever had. Hope it clears up soon.

 Crash and Burn    2010-03-26 19:01:47 ET
So im minding my own buisness looking up information on the internets (Mistake 1) when all of the sudden my browser, firefox, freezes and then I get a wonderful message from windows that my firewall is down. Well shit I say and try and put it back up when I get another wonderful message. My anti-virus has been deactivated. Then i start getting spammed about all the shit that is flying apart in my machine. I diconnected the internets manually and try to open and run anything that is anti virus related... nothing.

Well its time for me to take it out to get fixed. Hope I didn't lose all of my shit on that system. I think its time to invest in a real anti-virus instead of one I got for free on the internets. I have been hearing a lot of people have been getting attacked recently by something that does a similar job. here is to hoping that its not a pattern. Well back to changing all the passwords I can.

Also, my mothers computer is FUCKING SLOW!

 VICTORY!    2010-03-21 12:52:31 ET
I worked on the Porsche all day yesterday and got it back up and running. Took it out the the 70 degree weather, everything is running smooth and fine.

 Gain a Level    2010-03-18 11:09:48 ET
I'm now 26 years old...

I suppose that qualifies me for something...

anyway back to school... going to be doing that for the next 6.5 hours >.<

 Meh part 2    2010-03-17 12:27:10 ET
Laptop is working again for no appreciable reason. Might have something to do with living with a glass walker for about a year (inside joke). But yah back to work on the final paper.

Other then that I now have a hard time sleeping so forgive me if my grammer and spelling become awesome. Still slogging along. That is all I have for now.

Birthday is tomorrow and I have grad school for 8 hours :welp:

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