Staring at the white board    2010-02-17 15:28:41 ET
Back to grad school for my dumb ass. I'm happy that I took a course in research and analysis back in undergrad. But I still find learning and doing a long ass research paper more boring then watching wallpaper paste dry on the top of a rotting barn on the moon. Don't ask me what that means, it seemed like a good phrase at the time.

In other news, holy cap its freaking cold... especialy when you feet find the only slushy wet pool full of ice water from hell.... I swear it was from hell.... it told me so....

 IMPORTANT SCIENCE: Anti Mosquito Cannon    2010-02-15 12:35:35 ET
Yes everyone can rejoice. No longer are we dependent on the aid for smoke or chemicals to protect ourselves from the dread of pests during the summer months. Not with the aid of SCIENCE we can defend ourselves from the armies of the bugs that ravage our back yard bbqs. With the technology of light we can fry them before they even get within range to do their evil deeds. With the power of light they will be sent burning to the ground!

 Back to school    2010-02-14 13:17:35 ET
Besides being a evil day for those who are single, it had to fall on the one day that is worst of all. Monday is when i head back to grad school. I think we should burn down monday and call them hellday instead.
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 The grind    2010-02-13 14:51:15 ET
Hello to everyone so far. Have changed around the setting, trying to get used to this new fangled internets thing. I hear its for porn but waiting for verification.

Tomorrow is valentines day, also known as make fun of singles day, or conversly, fill you face with candy day. Don't know what I will do. Probably raid my booze collection and see what I can make. Home alone and what not. Hope you all have fun tomorrow.... and post pictures on the internets.... for pronz.....

 TO THE SKY    2010-02-12 19:22:39 ET
Okay so I have just stared flying, as in in a plane and getting my license. I vote this crap the best ever. Granted turbulence can go screw itself with a rusty file. But hey small aircraft are small and I can't cure then for being at the whim of something that is four trillian times their size, that thing being that atmosphere.

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