UPDATE    2011-02-24 16:37:55 ET
I have been found responsible for being hit... in the accident

 Poke my nose    2011-02-15 11:39:35 ET
Quick update:

- Lost my job
- Looking for new one
- Hopefully have an interview
- Got my check from the insurace company
- Its sucks
- Internet is made of complete fail

that is all
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 PILE ON    2011-01-15 17:47:34 ET
Okay so I got home from work tonight and decided that after a shitty day at a terrible job, some PvP on EVE is just what the doctor ordered. I logged on and as soon as the graphics card was asked to do anything more then breath it exploded. No warning at all. After running a few hours of diagnostics I am rather sure that the graphics card has given up the ghost after 3 years of service. Well time to spend 150 dollars that I don't have. Why can't I have nice things?

In other news I have determined that the insurance company is giving me salvage value (also known as low end trade in value) of the car. I'm going to fight this. Mainly because the difference between the salvage value and the retail value is about 5,500 bucks.

 Confirmation of my bad luck    2011-01-14 09:03:51 ET
The insurance agency came back with a value of my car. After taxes and fees I'm getting 900 bucks. That's not even enough to to a real down payment on a used car. Looks like I'm reduced to being even more dependent on my parents by now driving their cars. If anyone knows how I can put points into my luck score I would appreciate it. Or this might be the required pay off of all the karma I had to buy in order to survive the accident.


 A New Developement    2010-12-24 10:14:32 ET
So today I got a letter in the mail from the police department. It was a citation. Stating that I was being cited 35 dollar for failing to yeild to oncoming traffic. This was based off the accident I had not 3 days ago.

I think god hates...

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