UPDATE    2011-08-17 19:42:34 ET
So I have been completely useless and forgot that this place even exsisted. Most of my weeks have been rather dark, not much to look forward to. No new jobs and nothing really changing on the relationship front. Thought I had a girlfriend until she was taken from me, or left of her own volition, not really sure which. Not sure I really care.

Any who, thought I would try and see if I could continue my education in something I like. So I looked around for a game design or game development course. The only people who responded to me was Full Sail down in Florida. I have been mulling it over and getting as much information as I can about the school. They recomended that I go straight into the masters program for game development, basically to become a game producer. Unfortunately this means that I have to go down to Florida for a year. A place that I have no friends or connections. Still more thinking to do on that.

I have been reading the Mercy Thompson novels. They are about werewolves and vampires and other such folklore. they are a good easy read and have renewed some confidence in the fact that I can at least read a book that does not have pretty pictures.

Also, paid off my capital one total hassle card earlier in the year. Was a nice feeling that even if I get no help from my folks I seem to manage my money a bit better then them. That being said i hear food is a cool thing to have, i will have to see what that is all about.

Again sorry I have neglected the SK for so long. Forgive me ohh great SK.

 Of serious Internet spaceships    2011-05-03 04:45:03 ET
So eve online is becoming more and more of a pain in the butt. The game used to be based around skill and on game based resources. For the most part anything that was created was made out of blood sweat and tears. Recently it has become apparent that this is no longer the case.

There are several alliances within the game that are using a massive amount of outside money to create in game items. This may not seem so bad but consider that this coalition of alliances is literally buying themselves victory after victory. Purchasing with real money all of the super capital ships and mercenary forces that they can get their hands on.

In addition to this there is a member of this coalition that is actively hacking the game to alter game mechanics in their favor. No longer are people plating the game for fun. It's now all about real money trading and trolling. And CCP's response to all of this? It's rather simple. Their log show nothing.
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 In other news    2011-05-02 08:34:46 ET
So apparently they got Osama. I suppose I should be happy about this. But I can't help but think about where this will end up. To many wars now a days are spent as low intecity conflicts that do more to cause more hate then the problems resolve.

I suppose that this represents a great victory for the moral of the united states. But I fear all that we have done is put an old dog out of it missery. In a lot of ways Osama was just a name attached to a movement. Al'quada (or hhowever you spell it) is a very lose organization that has no true central leadership component. To that end the damage to the network is minimal.

In the end violence only begets more violence and the circle that it makes is unbroken.

 Trying to be useful    2011-04-23 22:51:42 ET
I have been trying to find out what to do with my life. Notably with little success. Primarily I seem to be unable to connect the level of effort I put into a subject or task with the result I get. They seem to be massively disjointed. Obj well another mystery of the universe.

In other news I'm trying to improve my understanding of the universe around me. Weather this is actual truth or just more misunderstandings is amylose guess. I have come to the conclusion that humans and animals in general are selfish pleasure seeking creatures. In otherwords people seak out things that make them happy. This makes it far easier to understand what and how learned mental disturbances occur and what reinforces them. And makes changing them a bit more clear, if not easier.

This is what happens when you have a college education and nearly a masters and no job...

Well that's all my 4 am brain can offer.
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 I am a corporate whore    2011-04-22 10:51:27 ET
So I'm officially a corporate whore. I got an iPhone 4 from my folks. Irony being I had to buy it myself but whatever. In fact I'm writing this entry from my iPhone now. Technology is awesome.

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