2003-08-24 19:33:46 ET

i made it to portland, it is nice up here.

currently no internet at my house so no pictures, although i will probably take some and burn them to CD if i don't get internet soon so that i can show all my friends where i live now :)...

2003-08-16 13:15:57 ET

Well, I am moving so I figured one last SK post and some e-mails before I turn off my computer for a while.

And I don't know what to write so I am off to pack some more and I think I will pack my computer last so if I figure something out to write I will update this.


2003-08-05 19:32:08 ET

so i haven't posted for awhile, last weekend was pretty fun. friday we went out to dinner for my sister's birthday, we went to the beacon which is a pretty nice restaurant right on the lake, it was so nice out, it was lightly raining and the lake looked beautiful. then saturday i stayed home and my mom, sister, and grandma went to reno cloths shopping, then sunday we went down to sacramento, my little cousin had some tumors on her back that were removed (they said the tumors didn't look cancerous but they still had to run some tests) then today my mom, sister, and i went to the cantina, a nice mexican restaurant for some dinner, which was tons of fun. yes, that has been the weekend till now.

on the way back from seeing my cousin i took some pictures.


17 + 23
2003-08-02 09:10:04 ET

partied at my friend Matt's house last night it was lotsa fun... but now my head hurts... so i am going to go.

2003-07-29 03:47:52 ET

ah, partied tonight with friends from high school, it was good. very funny, those are the best parties, where everyone has a good time. no badness around (i wonder if badness is a word). yes, i'm tired and hungry now, i should take some aspirin and try to get some sleep, although i think i will take a shower and try to find some food. hrm, decisions, decisions, decisions.

and i got a cool new shirt yesterday..

here's the link to where i got it from


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