2003-07-19 10:11:45 ET

not much has been going on in my life, just work, i hung out with a couple of friends, jerika and richard, on wendsday, we went to quizno's, followed by some cold stone ice cream, and then i went over to my friend lauren's new place. it was cool, but since then i have done very little, work yesterday was dead, no one in there for tutoring, so I listened to music, and went online. yes, boring life... it get's exciting sometimes. it's not too bad though, i'm sure once i move to a city it will be exciting since it will be new, and i will have many things to explore.

2003-07-14 22:24:33 ET

so i have been working with HTML and all that fun stuff for a while now, I have decided to re-publish all my old sites that I have made. and new ones that I make just for fun.


check them out if you're boared, some are really crappy and others i am kinda proud of.

2003-07-14 13:08:43 ET

SO I visited my friend Joe in Berkeley last weekend. It was very fun. He showed me around the ALS (Advanced Light Source) where he works. We went and had dinner at this cool sushi place with little boats that move around the bar. Everything I tried was soooo goooood. Then we went and saw "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." the movie was cool. Then some ice cream from cold stone it was also very good. It was a very fun weekend.

2003-07-10 17:48:40 ET

ok i was extreamly curious about this link so i clicked it... but i am warning you, you will have to kill the process because there is no way you're going to stop it with the mouse..


I warned you!

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2003-07-05 22:36:13 ET

so today was a crappy day. it started off ok. i woke up, i relaxed at home a little, then i decided to go visit my grandparents because the missed me on the 4th (we would always celebrate at their house). so i went and visited, we talked about lots of cool stuff, their past, what not. i stayed for dinner, that was good, then as i am leaving, i go to turn onto the main highway and boom another car. no one was hurt, it was a very minor accident, my car had almost no damage, just a little scuffing on the passenger front bumper, nothing i can't just rub out. anyway we exchange info and they leave, some stupid tourist family, their kid was driving, he doesn't even have his full license. here's how it went down in my view. i was going to turn, there were two cars one in the fast lane one in the slow lane, the one in the fast lane passed so i went to turn into the fast lane and the car in the slow lane went to turn into the fast lane and we hit each other, oh well. i will call the insurance company monday and see what i should do. i'm not going to be filing any damage claim since there is no damage to my car, but i want to figure out what's going to happen and if the insurance is going to go up and what not. well i guess there isn't much more i can do about it now.

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