2003-10-12 23:04:42 ET

I have fallen off the face of the planet.

2003-09-21 23:44:14 ET

Yesterday, December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.


and now it's a video game.


I must say the game looks good though.

My friends and I (Andy, Joe, and Myself - the three current members of Rho-Phi-Theta) have been playing a lot of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough. this is such a fun game. for anyone who likes FPS (first person shooters) it is a must.


The medal of honor searies is a wonderful one, but it seems like they are really milking it for all it's worth, (just in the Medal of Honor:Allied Assault series) there are the original MOH:AA, the expansion #1 MOH:AA - Spearhead, the next expansion coming out tomorrow MOH:AA - Breakthrough, then planned expansions; MOH:AA - Pacific Assault, MOH:AA Rising Sun, and MOH:AA Infiltrator.

and I shall play every one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


no news on a job, i really really really (notice the three really's) need to get a job!

I've been getting to sleep just before 5am every morning due to the new MOH:AA - Breakthrough demo!

School starts the 29th, and my one class is going to cost me upwards of $500 (not counting the book, because I don't know how much that is, but if it's like any of my other math books, it will be around $100 - $150)! I really really really need a job!

I guess that's about it.

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2003-09-19 17:49:30 ET

Ah, Portland...

Went into the city today... I live out in Beaverton, it was fun, I went down to PSU to find out if anyone had reviewed my application to be a math tutor there... no one had according to the secratary and there are a lot of applications I guess... I really hope I get a job working there...

That's the math center... it's a pretty nice area...

After going to the school I walked around the SW area a bit, down to the waterfront where I found the World Trade Center (I guess there's one here in portland too)...

Then I stopped in this small deli in the WTC building called Anne's Deli, it was nice, classical music playing in the background... I had a BLT... it was good. I walked down to the waterfront...

I walked around there for a while, sat and watched people walk by, it was nice, down in the water I saw a Jetboat go by and get all it's passengers soaking...

It was pretty cool... I then walked up to the NW area of portland and caught the MAX back to Beaverton... and now I am home...

Long day and i'm pretty tired from all the walking, but I had fun today.


2003-09-11 15:45:09 ET

I guess the main thing now is finding a job... I have to go to orientation tomorrow morning at 8am, which means I have to leave here around 7am, which means I have to wake up some time around 6am... I miss my noon wakeup time...

I really want to work at the college as a tutor; I know I would do an excellent job there. I just hope I can still get a position, I've looked at the tutoring schedule and from what I see only one person per hour is working so I'm not sure how they setup the tutoring, I've heard of places where you have to wait in line for a tutor. Where I use to work, if you had a problem you would just ask any available tutor, and there were several of us at any given time.

I hope it rains some more.

2003-08-31 15:08:14 ET

oh how i miss having my internet at home... today was an adventurous day i took the 59 to the transit center where i caught the MAX to downtown, then i wandered around, went to PSU then back north to the cool internet cafe where i have been accessing the internet the whole time i've been here. it's been a lot of walking, but it's fun, i've seen a lot of the city today, and lots of interesting people, it's strange how tons of stuff is closed though. i would expect that tomorrow, but today is sunday? they should be open in this big city... i guess that's about all that's truly new and interesting... i think i am going to enjoy living here.

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