2006-05-02 22:03:49 ET

Yay!! *welcomes myself to subculture.net* How is everyone on here today, or tonight, or whenever u are awake and online. Im doing super, and i hope u are all doing just as super as i am. *evil siles*

Well..i hope to hear from someone soon. take care and have a good day or night...

2006-05-02 22:04:45 ET


Unless someone posts in between the time I started and finished typing, I will be first (something that I NEVER get to do!)

:) Enjoy! It's great.

edit: YES! I did it!

2006-05-02 22:06:41 ET

yay!! thanx for the reply...:D hope to talk to you soon. take care and have a wonderful night! :D:D:D

2006-05-02 22:07:41 ET

:) You're welcome! I'm sure you will....I'm around more often than I'm not. You too!

2006-05-02 22:12:14 ET

Welcome welcome welcome! ^_^ I saw your avatar a week or so ago and as it was PRETTY, I followed it to your page and checked out your bio. I'm glad you've got a "hello" message up now, it's good to meet you. ^__^

2006-05-02 22:12:48 ET

I was first, which makes me special times ten.

2006-05-02 22:17:04 ET

thank you Neko2631. It is very nice to meet you. *smiles* i hope to talk to you soon in the futre. take care and have a good night.

2006-05-02 22:25:50 ET

Innerbeauty....Now your special times 100!!!!! :P:P

2006-05-03 00:20:59 ET


2006-05-03 01:12:58 ET


2006-05-03 06:10:35 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2006-05-03 06:25:19 ET


2006-05-03 07:07:58 ET

Welcome to SK!

Be mindful of your extremities and everything should be ok.

Motard should be around to offer you a vanride soon. accept. it's fun!

2006-05-03 07:35:10 ET

I haven't seen motard around in a while!

2006-05-03 07:46:28 ET

Welcome welcome!! Any friend of Turbos...well, is a freak generally, but thats just fine. We're all mad here.

2006-05-03 10:28:41 ET

welcome fellow missoulian!

2006-05-03 10:50:29 ET


2006-05-03 10:52:50 ET

Welcome to SK duder!

2006-05-04 18:18:21 ET

welcome !

2006-05-05 23:19:00 ET

Thank you everybody, i apreciate youe comments. :)

2006-05-06 06:42:08 ET

im always so late, but welcome to subkultures.....enjoy your stay! :)

2008-08-26 21:29:57 ET

This is me being a total douche for missing you by two years. Welcome.

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