...finally....    2002-12-02 12:06:04 ET

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     2002-12-01 17:15:57 ET
sometimes i seriously doubt my own mental health...

like when i hear voices...i don't think i have ever had a voice talk to me directly...well at least not a hallucinatory voice...but sometimes when i'm all alone i can hear other voices ...as if some one was in the room with me, just babbling, and the weirdest exprience was hearing two voices arguing as if they were in my living room with me, but the apartment was empty....and it wasn't like a muffled sort of thing it was as if two people i couldn't see were a couple feet away from me ....

and i see things too...usually in shadows or around shadows...
and at night...all sorts of things...anyone else have anything like this happening to them??


 ...oh shit...wow....    2002-11-09 22:38:56 ET
today i witnessed the penultimate of car accidents, it was like something out of GTA3, i saw a red dodge viper GTS EAT some SHIT on the highway, dead serious, the guy got air borne and then bounced off the highway dividers 3 freaking times, amazing...seriously amazing, i mean i'm no stranger to car accidents, i have been in a couple hairy ones but that was amazing, i was east bound and he was on the other side of the skyway/highway (west bound) and it looked like he was FLYING, in excess of 100 mph, i saw him go airborne about a 1/8th of a mile out and when he came down it was nose first, slammed the back end down and fish tailed into the divider right in front of us (we were travelling toward him at 75 mph), he hit so hard the back end went up and spun around, then he travelled back wards at least another 100 to 200 meters and slammed into the guard rail by this time smoke was billowing from the car (mostly the tires), it spun and rocketed into the other divider (by this time i was watching through the back window of my friends truck) and then i lost sight of the viper in the smoke, and don't you know i was on the cell in seconds talking to IPD and getting transferred to the state police...they actually patched me to through to the car they were sending and i convinced him to get the EMTs rolling before he even showed up....shit ....wow....that was ...i guess it just goes to prove what i have been saying, you can buy a sports car but it doesn't mean you know how to drive it... i don't think i'm ever going to forget seeing a red Viper GTS get airborne...wow...

 Stromkern and Chaotica    2002-11-03 11:57:55 ET

 i need help    2002-11-02 11:00:23 ET
i need help, i just started getting into artists like Deltron 3030, The Spooks, Dr. Octagon...and forth, can anyone direct me to some more hip hop like that....??

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