my dream    2002-10-04 13:35:39 ET
i had a lot of very vivid dreams last night but one sticks in my mind the most...

i was a member of a group colonizing a planet, the group wanted to maintain a perfect balance with nature which severally reduced the amount of technologies that could be used and put heavy strain on the people in terms of work, i was eventually elected to the cirlce of elders and started a more tech friendly approach that was meet with a gambit of reactions, i tried to integrate technology in a way that was in keeping with the society but all of it seemed so...out of place....i started a fund that bought the first real tractor (a very strange looking object, i'll have to draw it out), and pushed for safer living quarters, more metals less woods, the dicotomy of advanced technology made avaible by traders (space traders), verse what we wanted was insane, i remember specifically a type of self powered glider, anyways all was good in mayberry or whatever the colony was called tell i woke up to use the restroom, now due to all my time lucid dreaming i have the ability to put things on...a sort of hold or pause, so i get up, barely pay attention to this reality, go to the bathroom and then slip back into bed, the last thing i can remember thinking before sleep hit was...those peacenik freaks, wouldn't it be funny if space pirates attacked....they have no defenses...well...think it...the dream opened up with a dramatic sequence of descending through space onto a planet images, i was in a ship, i was the pirate...i lit that commune the hell was great, i buzzed the little houses, i tore up the fields general havoc sort of thing....

but then i switched...the other one i was...the councilman.. and i saw the devastation and i saw the pirates, using there ships to open up the houses with these sort of claw attachments, and lifting out the children and stuffing them into these huge cartoon like (simple lines, curves) spacesuits, sort of bulbus white and tan with visors and some sort of fluid....anyways when i saw this, the character not me recongized that the children were going to be taken and raised inside of these things....and that they weren't pirates at all...but some weird hybrid race....whatever thats when i decided to wake up....and write this....

     2002-09-26 04:15:35 ET

these are the things that spend my life with me...or are always on me at all times.

1. Sony Clie PDA, pocket brain, where you put stuff you want to remember but don't. It also plays video games and lets me read The Onion anytime i want to.

2. Generic Albuterol Inhaler. I'm that kid from goonies, using this shit and the most obnoxious moments possible. Actually he used a Primitene Mist Inhaler which are discontinued due to making some ones heart explode. I used to carry one of those till they came off the shelves.

3. My plaid vinyl wallet. Driver license, buisness cards of other people, reciepts, stuff i never take out.

4. Key Clip Carabeener (spelling?), its always hooked to a belt loop, i get inventive and hook random things to it, and holds my work keys.

5. Changes. In case of bum punk kids.

6. The key to my computers case. Very important.

7. Handcuff key. Never know when you might find some one who needs one.

8. Some light thing aynie gave me. Its very bright (IE irratating to OTHER people)

9. Apartment keys.

10. This is whats called silent key ring holder, it attaches to the belt, i bought one a long time ago and always have one. If not i lose my keys, or lock them in the car, just a habit to have one now.

 my worst yet?    2002-09-22 07:23:50 ET

     2002-09-19 08:15:13 ET
i know the site was down while my Host moved....but its up now...

so is it too late to ask for more comments on that last piece i made...

 another image...comments???    2002-09-15 03:37:11 ET

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