another one...    2002-08-29 05:32:17 ET

     2002-08-26 20:08:21 ET
pretty sure there's more ghou-rls then guys on

and i'm pretty down about seeing the public ban during peak hours...thats never a very good sign for a big site like this...means bandwidth is getting out of hand...

 cruxshadows...    2002-08-23 05:36:51 ET
well hmmm

these are pictures from last night...
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 one of the downsides...    2002-08-22 04:16:36 ET
one of the downsides of stealing cable is that i have been privy to this unsettling collection of SHITTY ass POP PUNK crap that Mtv is passing around these days....

i say one word for Mtv...BOOT!!!!!!! BOOT BOOT BOOT!!!! for you i have the BOOT!!!

fuck Mtv, fuck this pop punk crap, fuck avriel la-what-the-fuck-ever...fuck sum-forty-dumb, fuck this emo wave, fuck it all, for all ov you i have THE BOOT!!! this 17 year old canadian avriel la-whatever has forced me to declare a god damn holy war on the canadian punk scene, i'm going to rent a trunk fill it with dirt slime and rusty safety pins and import that shit to toronto...WHAT THE does this slop even get the right to call itself punk....BOOT!!!...BOOT!!!!

i think i'm going to take pictures of my jackets and sells "costumized 100% real punk jackets" on ebay...i'll get rich freaking RICH...

to all of you who like sumforty-dumb and avriel la-notapunk...BOOT!!! get out of best buy go to a local record store and look up something cool...try american steel...they've been on my player for days now...ack!!!

     2002-08-16 12:20:21 ET
why are punks so clean now adays....what happened...

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