another and another and another....    2002-10-29 22:00:41 ET

     2002-10-20 04:34:27 ET
i used to make fun of people who listened to pink floyd, i remembered this when i got excited today because i found a raspuntina boot leg with wish you were here on it, which happens to be a pink floyd song. i know this because i have been thoroughly enjoying pink floyd in the last few months, this is a warning to all younger than all starts with the LSD...stay away from the LSD...*laughs*

 off handed brush strokes....    2002-10-16 07:23:41 ET
i have to use photoshop every couple of days at the least, sometimes i force myself to make something to just explore whats floating in my mind...


 more written crap...    2002-10-10 06:04:59 ET
this is a short story that has been on the back burner for awhile....i'm not sure if i like how it ends at all and i might change it soon, but heres the first near finished draft....if your going to take the time to read it all waste a minute or so afterwards and give my some feedback....thats what i live for...even if all you say is that it SUCKS...


and yes this is a continuation off of november and march and will be all tied together with the last piece not yet finished entitled august....its a calender centered look at the elements (earth = november, air = march, water = june, fire = august), and death....theres even more layers to it but that will become apparent later...

 *shrugs*    2002-10-09 04:03:38 ET
the name of this file says it all

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