movies..2002-12-28 20:09:50 ET

Me and my dad rented 3 movies..
Austin Powers Goldmember- good movie.. funny..
Bloodwork- it was a very intense movie. If you like crime solving movies you'll like this one
Murder By Numbers- very good movie.. if your into CSI stuff you'll like this.. better than I expected..

they were all great movies..

AJ2002-12-28 17:56:45 ET

Krystal dropped AJ off at my house today! He got here at 9 and was here til 10:15. It was great to see him, Oooo I missed him soo much! He wants me to stay the night tomorrow night, so hes gunna ask his parents and see if its ok. Just spending that little bit of time with him was so great.
Can't believe that 8 days(Jan.5th) it will be 2 years for us.. craziness...

paint..2002-12-27 12:16:32 ET

Today was really boring..
I painted another picture today. I was really bored and felt like painting... I'm so messy looking right now. I'm super bored.. no ones home and no ones on my messangers to talk to. My brother went to the mall and took his camera with him so I have nothing to play with and nothing is on TV. I can't clean my room, cause its already clean..did it yesterday.. Oh my... I think I might DIE of boredness....

2002-12-26 19:10:38 ET

this will be the 1st year I got out for new years. It'll be me, AJ , Clay, Krystal, and Myke and Brian at brians with AL. We are gunna have fun..or atleast I am. And if AJ doesn't like it I'm just gunna tell him how it is damn it!

i'm showing..2002-12-26 18:17:07 ET my talent.. this is what I submitted...

I call it " Food Chain"

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