this is true...2002-12-25 18:51:49 ET


snow..2002-12-25 06:04:42 ET

it started snowing around 5 or so yesterday..and this is what it looks like today...

it was a white shitty christmas in mt.savage today.
heres a picture of me today..yes I have a smile..but i wasen't happy..

Christmas=hate2002-12-24 13:08:30 ET

Its x-mas eve and
has been drunk since 9am and my brother
is being a selfish fuckin prick like always. My
is cooking food cause were are having and x-mas eve party, shes ok..and
well my christmas spirit has been fuckin ruined. Right now I say " Fuck christmas!". I hate is anymore because this is how its been for the past 5 years and it fuckin sucks. I wish it was fuckin done and over with.
The only thing that made me really happy happened yesterday. I went to AJ's for awhile and then at 8 I gave his mom, dad, lil bro, and grandma my gifts from me and they liked them alot! It made me happy. And then they gave me mine.. and I liked them alot. I miss my AJ :(...
So there was my thoughts. Yeah, Christmas sucks.
So merry fuckin christmas!
(ps: this is the doll AJ got me)

x-mas gifts!2002-12-21 11:21:02 ET

yea, so a whole bunch of us exchanged gifts..

Present to AJ:
snarehead and drumsticks
Present from him:
Twisted Tatum doll and The Crow black light poster
Present to Krystal:
box I made for her with things on it and Jerry Only bobble head doll
Present from Krystal:
Gargoyle snow globe
Present to Brienne:
awesome journal, green paint pen, mini torat book and deck, glowy fishys, and candu necklaces
Presents from Brienne:
"Chicks Dig Mohawks" shirt, baby dragon, gemstons, and body lotion
Present from Brian:
ceramic Fairy on flower carriage with unicorn pulling, Pairie dog stuffed animal, a pin, patch, candy and a lighter..
Present from Myke:
a CD..

I still have to get Brian, Myke, AJ's parents, Krystals mom, AJ's grandma and lil brother, Clay, my brother, and my dad something yet...oh my. Me and my mom are going on tuesday for last minuate x-mas shopping.
I liked what AJ got me, its so awesome. The doll is sooo adorable!

Boxing Helena..2002-12-13 17:25:43 ET

Yesterday Clay picked me up and we went to hyndman. I sat in the room listening to their band practice, drawing for alittle while. Then Krystal came and I rode around with her while they continued their band practice. Then we went back to AJs at 6. We all sat and talked. Then went out to his room and we all watched Boxing Helena. After it was over, Krystal and Clay went to get something to eat, and AJ and I hung out for awhile alone. Haven't had time alone since saturday. It was nice, no arguing or fighting. Lots of laughing, joking around acting like goofballs. I like that. Its nice when we do that. We had fun being together. It was very enjoyable and well needed. We get cranky if we haven't seen each other for awhile. We're use to seeing each other almost everyday of the week, even if its only for about 3 hours.. still...
I had fun. I love AJ so much. Our relationship has never gotten old or boring. I looked up today at a picture of him I have hanging on my wall, and I got this big shit-eating-grin on my face and just felt...i dunno, the way I feel everytime I talk to him or see him. Its an indiscribable feeling. I've never got this feeling towards, or for anyone or anything else in my life. Its like this huge..high, I guess. Everytime I see him, I know I want to be with this boy for the rest of mylife. I know. Its not my mind saying this, its the feelings and messages my heart send me. I love this kid. And no one person or one thing can come between us, thats has already been proven countless times. You say you want examples?
Ok.. heres a few:
1) mom didn't like him, threaten to kick me out if I didn't stop dating him....we're still together..I'm still in my house..
2) dad scared the living shit outta him by pulling a knife on him and telling him that he would kill him in a split-second....didn't scare him off...
3) chicks all over him...want him badly...stalk him...we're still together...
4)..guy in band... i knew for awhile..nuff said... still together....
nothing can tear us apart....

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