MISFITS2002-11-26 17:50:14 ET

here are some pix of the misfits show.. if you are looking at this and there are not 8 pix up yet, don't worry still adding them, they should be up tomorrow..but.. heres 2 for now..
Krystal and Clay with Jerry

Crimson Ghost!


::attached::2002-11-24 17:37:00 ET

...my dad made me get rid of my dog :( .. I've been crying like a baby. I feel stupid for getting this upset.... I'm attached to him.. we've had him for 4 years.. and hes always slept with me and tagged around with me... now hes not there to follow me , sleep with me or bother me.. this sux... this is the 3rd animal my dad has made me get rid of...
5 years old.. had to get rid of our dog Sheba who got shot at the farm where she was given home to..
15years old.. had to get rid of my cat I have for 6/7 years..
17years old.. had to get rid of my dog....
this is shitty.. I'm still crying..

Sick and Miserble.......2002-11-22 17:32:18 ET

i'm sick.. it made me miserble....got pictures back from show.. some turned out nice.. some are dark.. gunna scan the dark ones and try to lighten them... tired, but must wait for AJ to get online... sux...

MIFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2002-11-22 11:19:23 ET

Just got home. IT WAS FUCKIN AWESOME!!!... It was reallly great. I just got squashed, and thats sucks when your short. At the begining I got some good pictures. I'll show them as soon as I get them scanned. Me and AJ got a picture of us and Jerry, he signed my ticket. I couldn't find Dez and noone could find marky. During the show a security gaurd punched a kid in the face and Jerry got all pissed and said " Don't ever punch kids in the face. I'll have you locked up if I see that agian. Better yet, I'll fuckin kick your ass! I don't ever want to see that agian!!" and he like yelled at the guy for a good 10 mins. I had a blast!! ( first big show I was ever at). Oh my. I'm so happy! I'm sore, really sore, but it was worth it!! Yess indeed, doing it agian sometime soon. Jerry is very big, and he doesn't look as old in person as he does in pix. Hes a very nice guy too. He stayed until everyone that wanted something signed got it signed. It was great! Still in shock! still excited and Hyper!!! I promise to post the pix as soon as I get them scanned, which will probably be monday!

excited!2002-11-17 16:49:31 ET

1)Guess whos going to see the Misfits on thursday??? ... come on.. now guess....
Krystal, her mom and step-dad,Clay, AJ and I are!! hehe.. makes me soo happy. I can't wait! **sings:I'm so excited and I just can't hide it I know I know I wanna see the misfits!! ** Oh god! I can't wait! I'm gunna give Jerry a kiss on the cheek! Krystal and I want to get a picture with Jerry with each of us kissing his cheek! Wouldn't that be fuckin awesome!?!? ... Krystals mom said, that it said on the flyer, no cameras, but we are taking one just incase and gunna ask at the door. I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, its so great!!!
2)And wait, theres more! AJ came to my house and him and my dad talked and my dad gave him a hug..not once but 3 fuckin times! I about shit myself! Its great! ...
3)Don't stop yet, theres more!!
I'm going to Boston,Mass. this summer and Krystals coming with me!! We're gunna visit Salem!!
4)Oh its not over yet!
I might be able to go to Ireland with Krystal and her mom if it doesn't cost all that much and it'll be a late b-day present from the parentals!!Ahhhh... isn't it great?...
5)My favorite parts though.. are parts 1 and 2 of this entry!

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