yup yup..2002-11-07 10:39:31 ET

I just called AJ.. he seemed mad so I asked him..and he said he was..so I asked him what he was doing.. he said " filling out and applecation" I asked " for where?".. he said " martins.".. I was like oh...he said he'd call me back. I think maybe I did something I dunno..oh well..
anyway..got my project for the school webpage almost done today..now all I have to do is think of a catchy phrase about the band having new uniforms...
skipping school tomorrow..

I want your skulls..2002-11-05 18:07:12 ET

Went with clay to hyndman... listen to him and AJ practice while I read a book... then when Krystal got off work we went to Brian and Mykes.. then me and AJ went to his house .. hung out and then Clay and I cam home...

The other day AJ sung this song to me:
Oooooh oooh!
Whoa oh oh oh!
Noooo oh oh!

There's 52 ways to murder anyone
One and two are the same
And they both work as well
I'm coming clean for Amy
Julie doesn't scream as well
And the cops won't listen all night
And so maybe I'll be over
Just as soon as I fill them all in

And I can't remember when I saw her last
We were running around and having a blast, having a blast
But the backseat of the drive-in is so lonely without you
I know when you're home

I was thinking about you
There was something I forgot to say
I was crying on Saturday night
I was out cruising without you
They were playing our song
Crying on Saturday night

As the moon becomes the night time
You go viciously, quietly away
I'm sitting in the bedroom, where we used to sit and smoke cigarettes
Now I'm watching, watching you die (oh oh oh)

I can't remember when I saw her last
We were running around and having a blast
But the backseat (backseat) of the drive-in (drive-in)
Is so lonely without you
I know when you're home

I was thinking about you
There was something I forgot to say
I was crying on Saturday night
I was out cruising without you
They were playing our song
Crying on Saturday night

Crying on Saturday night
Crying.... on Saturday.... night!

which is kinda sweet..and he always tells me I'm so beautiful and that he wants to cut off my face and put it on his wall... ... sometimes I don't know whether to give him a big kiss and say thanx and like it.. or be afriad and run away from him...
I guess its a either a very demented scary complement ...or a very demented sweet complement ??...
I have mixed feelings on it..sometimes its scary, sometimes its sweet...
I guess its like the time I told him he had the most beautiful eyes and said that when he died I wanted to cut out his eyes and put them in a jar..
I guess you could say we have a sweet,demented, twisted, violent, playful loving caring relationship...


gooooood......2002-11-05 09:33:12 ET

things have been going good...
Krystals mom and Stepdad want to go see the Misfits.. so me Krystal , AJ and Clay are probably going with them. It only cost 20bux for tickets..the only thing is that in the venue its at..you cant take pictures... sux.. but I'll get to see the misfits..fuckin right!!.. makes me happy..
I'm waiting for Clay to come...
he and AJ are ahving band practice today..so I'm going down to hang out with Krystal...
I need cigarettes..clay needs to get here soon.. I also need to go to the bank...I hope he doesn't forget me.. He had to go to cumberland though..so who knows..oh well.. Krystal will come get me when she gets off work then..
I had no school today... I'm fuckin bored.. I need to clean my room...
I been doing alot of paintings and drawings for people. I think I fuckin suck, but they keep telling me I'm really good... oh well..what do they know..

...deep in the shit that not many have been in....2002-10-29 14:24:28 ET

....have tonight and tomorrow to find easy fast protection agianst evil... I've had a bit of luck, but its not the protection I need... I need to regain the rest of my energy back tonight...
I couldn't sleep, I wouldn't let myself, and niether would my dog..Stayed awake. All night had sickness in my tummy and felt weak...had a fever...
I could feel IT all around my house, too bad my house is sancutaory, .. I stayed up listening to it taunting me because it knows I can do nothing .... though I have not made eye contact it still wants me...
Its presence was strong at my window... it was trying to find ways to get to me... but couldn't..
I still am not feeling safe here, even if it is sancutory. If this is a familiar, I could let it in without knowing...
I fell asleep after 5am, when I felt its presence leave. It was gone... I was feeling good, no more sickness in the tummy....
Woke up at 6am...
Its 7:16pm right now.... I have a feeling its going to be here again... can't sleep
Sleeping lets your gaurd down and you are open for any type of attack..
Since I have a feeling its strong, I can't do anything to keep it away...
I just have to wait it out....
Not only have Krystal and I put ourselves in danger.. but we put Brian..and we put Clay and AJ in danger by letting them know exactly what it is...
So now I am still looking for something to protect atleast Clay and AJ... there isn't really much that could protect Krystal and I..Brian knows how to protect himself..
I do not know of anyone who at one time dealt in both Dark arts and white craft...that is the only type to help us..the only one we ever knew.. has passed away long ago..
Blessed Be!

What you dont know...2002-10-28 17:19:21 ET

Ok, I haven't been on for awhile mainly because I've been busy. Also because the other day I got myself into deep shit with things I can't handle.
Me and Krystal decided to visit this haunted. Well lets say we got into alittle more than we bargained.
Let me say this before I begin.... Don't go hunting for ghost because you may not like what you find or they may not like you...
So we hear about this house, don't want to go into the story and I'm not going to say much on it.. the less you know the better off you are, so we decided to get our friend because he is a spiritualist. We go into the house..and he gets a horrible feeling about, so we don't go down. We go up stairs... we get to the second door, he tells us to turn around and walk calmly and we're done to go outside. He looks through the basement and tells us to go to the car. He tells us about all of it.
Last night he was "attacked", krystal was "attacked" and this morning I woke up drained. By the way I am a Wiccan. I have not shared this in here before.
Today me and Krystal were drawn to the house, we just drove past it.. I was sick from then on, except here at my house.
I plan on not sleeping tonight. I do not have the power,training or experience to deal with these, nor do the 3 of us combined, 2 wiccans and a spiritualist.
I am not planning on getting online anymore until a week after the 31st. I need to restore myself, emotionally ,energenically and spiritually before the 31st, I have 2 days. I need to give myself then a week after to make sure its safe.
I hope to talk to you all soon.
I know you probably think I'm full of shit, but I'm being truthful.
Blessed be!

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