AH make the back monsters stop!2002-10-14 10:46:09 ET

i did somemore with pictures today..stayed home from school..have back problems..doctor gave me a pain killer, muscle relaxer and an anti-inflamitory...blah..so I'm sleepy..I'm going to try to sleep..I didn't sleep at all last night..and AJs probably mad at me..this sucks..I have to talk to him tonight..
well Im going now..talk to you all later.

i like to play...2002-10-13 16:28:34 ET

with pictures..something Iworked on ..I was bored..


Argh!2002-10-10 15:08:25 ET

Ok today is shitty. Oh well.
I have no school tomorrow, thats a plus
I need AJ to get online so I can talk to him about tomorrow's plans
I'm bored.
Schools a pain in my ass.
I need to get my CDs from peoples so I have something to fuckin listen too.
I want to make my fuckin german chocolate cake, but I can't cause my dad has some dead animal in the fuckin oven.
..ok now I can make it.
I'm fuckin bored, theres nothing to do.
I have no inspirations for drawing tonight
none for painting.
So I'm pretty much shit outta luck....oh my..well I'm going to go make my cake and let my lil bro on here. I'll be back on around 9:30/10pm eastern time ;)

Sorry about the busy...2002-10-09 14:40:15 ET

Ok, I know I haven't posted for awhile, I'm sorry. I've been busy. If I'm not in school I'm home, If I'm not home I'm in Hyndman. I'm either doing homework, painting ,sleeping or hanging out in Hyndman staying at either AJ's or Krystals. So I'm really not online that much. I'm only on, on weekdays mon-thur from 9:30pm til around 11:30pm. I'm also on Sundays around the same time, unless I'm tired and then I just come home and go to bed. So if you all are looking to talk to me you can either e-mail me at= AuthorityIsDead@hotmail.com or snail mail me, which you have to e-mail me for my addy anyway. Feel free to add me to any of the following messangers, yahoo,MSN or AOL..
well I miss you guys alot, but I hope to talk to everyone sometime during my busy-ness. I <3 yous!

yesterday,today with a little humor2002-10-03 16:04:40 ET

events of yesterday:
morning: woke,in good mood, asked mom to had me ceral, she got bitchy , threw cereal box at her. Went to schoo....
afternoon/night: in good mood at school, came home, ok for awhile, mom and dad bitchy with me at dinner, threw potatoes on my mom, punched my dad a few times, went to room, krystal came, left, stayed at her house ...
night: called mom, told her where I was, she bitched and hung up on me, me and K talked, went to bed...
Events of today:
morning: K woke me up, got dressed, she brought me home at 8:30.9am, my dad wrote me not for school, K took me too school.
Now: at home, no ones been home all day, I think they are avoiding me...GOOD!

heres a little joke for you all.....

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, "What is Politics?" Dad says,
"Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I'm the head ofthe
family, so call me The President. Your mother is the administrator of
the money, so we call her the Government. We're here to take care of
your needs, so we'll call you the People. The nanny, we'll consider her
the Working Class. And your baby brother, we'll call him the Future.
Now think about that and see if it makes sense."
So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said.
Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to
check on him. He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper.
So the little boy goes to his parent's room and finds his mother sound
asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room. Finding
the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed
with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.
The next morning, the little boy say's to his father, "Dad, I think I
understand the concept of politics now." The father says, "Good, son,
tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about." The
little boy replies, "The President is screwing the Working Class while
the Government is sound asleep. The People are being ignored and the
Future is in Deep Shit."


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