I'm back after 3 days, I'm home.2002-07-12 13:42:02 ET

Ok, if you wonder where I was..well I was at AJs. We went to a show hung out and stuff. I'll tell you more about it later..right now, I have to go. I have shit to do.

2002-07-07 12:40:01 ET

I am 73% Punk Rock

The intelligent punk. Tuff and Smart. I may be able to maintain a train of thought long enough... What the fuck was I talking about?

Take the Punk Rock Test at fuali.com

Look Shes damaged goods!!2002-07-07 08:21:32 ET

<> Ok believe it or not, I know a a person this song tells about. My ex-band memember and ex friend Andrea. She had sex with a guy just because he was in a band.And she had crabs before. Read this song. ITs funny.<>

*******<>DAMAGED GOODS By: The Devotchkas<>*********

>She her coming round looking like a busted hound
>Cums to all the shows Ready to take off her clothes
>For any guy in the band as her pride slips her hand

Chorus: Shes got crabs
> > > > > > >Shes got the drip
> > > > > > >She a whore shes damaged goods.
> > > > > > >Shes got herpes
> > > > > > >Shes got aids
> > > > > > >Shes got it all shes damaged goods....

>She always walks down the street acting like shes oh so sweet,
>But the thruth we all know
>Shes nothing but an easy hoe,
>All she is is damamged good...

> > > > >She got crabs
> > > > >Shes got the drips
> > > > >Shes a whore shes damamged goods.
> > > > >Shes got herpes
> > > > >Shes got AIDS
> > > > >Shes got it all shes DAMAGED GOODS!....
> > > > >Shes a loose legged bitch,

>Alwasy comes around to suck dick,
>Guys go with ease as she spreads nasty disease
>She should be tested
>Cause she must be infested!

> > > > >Shes got crabs
> > > > >Shes got the drip
> > > > >She a whore
> > > > >Shes damaged goods.
> > > > >Shes got herpes
> > > > >Shes got AIDS
> > > > >Shes got it all shes damaged GOODs!

Funny, huh?

<>Wet Dreams and Sweet Nightmares<>2002-07-06 20:15:41 ET

<>I'M GOING TO BED!!!! GOOOD NIIIGHT!!!!<> Love ya all<>

<>NiCki Chaos<>
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Punk Rock Show @ The Mouse Trap2002-07-06 12:41:01 ET

Punk Rock Show
@ The Mouse Trap

Message from my boyfriend:
hey fuckers,
got some good news. BBB is having the cd release for Emo Sucks/Bordem Lurks at The Mouse Trap in Bedford, PA with:
Mean Streak, Speedie Green, and The Spit Valves
The show starts at 7 o'clock and costs five bux. BBB cds will cost 6 bux. please please show up to the show. The Mouse trap needs money to pay off insurance or else they won't be able to have shows there ne more. bring as many people as possible

Get on Main street in Bedford, PA and take a LEFT at the SECOND traffic light. After you take the left, look on your left for lots of posters!

See ya in the pit!


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