thursday..friday ..and saturday...2002-07-06 12:35:44 ET

Thursday- 4th - went to AJs, we went to his friends Tonys, and him and Tony played video games, then they played with explosives. Tonys g/f, Keary, is nice. We talked alot. Spent the night at AJs, we did our usual thing. Went to bed at one in the morning.

Friday-5th- Woke up AJ at 10 in the morn. Had to beat him with a pillow to get him up. We ate breakfast, I called my mom to come get us. We brushed our teeth got dressed, had sex, then my parents picked us up. We headed to Lakemont Park in Altoona,PA. AJ was a party pooper. We didn't want to ride any rides with me:( So my bros g/f did, and then my bro got mad at me cause he had no one to ride rides with. I talked AJ into a few rides. The all 4 of us went on the swings. You know what they are, looks like a caresol, spins around lifts you up. Well it made us all sick. So then that made AJ even more cranky. We also met up with Tony and Keary there. AJ and I got into at the park. Then my parents picked us up and we came home. Then him and I laid in my bed watchin things about fireworks and rollercoasters. Then we all decided to go to bed.

Saturday-6th- AJ had to be home early cause his friend was coming in from Pittsburg to see him. So woke him up at 10, and then we sat around, I burned a few CDs and we took Him and my bros g/f home. I cam home and went to 1:30, woke up at 5pm. So here I am!

Angelina...2002-07-01 18:56:05 ET

Which Angelina Are You?

"Just the two of us"

Which Strange Little Girl would you be?

This quiz made while Angel was procrastinating her ass off.


Bored again..2002-07-01 16:08:40 ET

Yeah, so I'm sitting here with my friend Sarah. We have been soo fuckin bored all day. I'm a bad entertainer. I'm tired and I entertained her last night, so really nothing else to do. Can't swim, nieghbors aren't home. nothing to do nothing to do. I feel bad, cause shes soo bored...We've done a total of NOTHING today. Well I hung up clothes and she made mac and cheese thats about it. Bored bored bored.

2002-06-27 10:48:26 ET


My bum hurts.....2002-06-26 08:43:48 ET

Nina and I took her daughter JadeLynn swimming. Well I got out of the pool for a min. then when to get back in...and I slipped and fell on the top step on may ass. Oh god did it hurt. Now I have a briuse on my bum. And it hurts, I couldn't sleep on my back cause they way my ass would touch the bed, if fuckin hurt and still does. Oh well, didn't wake up will 1:00pm today..and I'm hungry! Oh I now have HTML links on my page, thanx to the help of SiS and Heather yesterday!...Thank you guys!

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