off again..2007-05-08 17:24:56 ET

So I will be driving my grandparents to Maryland Monday morning, and spending the next 2 weeks in the Maryland and PA area. Which is going to be kick ass.
Plans have already been made to go to a couple of shows the 1st weekend I'm there.
I'm excited, cause I'm going to get to see even more friends this time around, due to it not being under bad circumstances this time.
Its kinda sad though cause I will be up there solo this time, Jason has to stay behind and continue work on the trailer and whatnot.
I'm going to miss him horribly.

My 22nd birthday is right around the corner.
This Saturday actually.
No plans have been made other than Jasons band will be playing at a biker bar in Myrtle Beach Sat. and Sun. 2pm-6pm, since this is bike week and all.

Tomorrow I have my appointment with a head doctor. Hopefully they put me on some sort of med.
I need it.

I have a shit ton of laundry to do and Have to finish switching our shit to the other bedroom before sunday. BLAH.

hmm....2007-05-01 14:15:06 ET

I seem to be blocked from someones page.

I dont know why.

But its cool, yo.

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wow.. its been awhile..2007-05-01 14:08:28 ET

So i had a job, then quit it. Now I'm broke again.
Jason and I have been working on the trailer.. much work! geesh!
Wyatt is doing well.
We are talking about having a baby soon.
I hate my living environment at the moment. But such is life.
Other than that things are .... ok.. I suppose.
How about everyone else?

some pics.2007-02-26 17:01:01 ET

this is me and my lil bro

this is heather, carey, and me

this is me and my dad

jason and I

5 comments we go.2007-02-26 03:50:52 ET

Jason and I are about to start gutting and remodeling a trailer we own, its pretty nice size and whatnot. It just needs alot of work, but I'm excited about all of it.
I got a new job working at a gas station/counrty store. ITs been going great.
We just bought a car for $50.00 bux from Jason's brother-in-law. It needs some work, its either the water pump, timing chain, or cracked head. It will cost anywhere from $100.00 to $800.00 to fix it. It just didnt feel like finding out what was wrong and it gave him an excuse to get a new car. We will find out sometime this week what exactly is gone. But I have my own car now.
Jason is Shad fishing right now to bring money into the house. His friends is trying to get him on at this place doing a welding job.
things have really picked up and are going for the better.
I'm so happy and content with life right now.

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