Jealousy2007-10-17 19:57:19 ET

I know this sounds stupid...but..
I'm completely jealous and envious of those with babies or those who are currently pregnant.

Carpe Diem2007-09-09 11:24:26 ET

So last night I got a new tattoo. I told my artist just to do her thing.
and this is what came out of her...


yes yes2007-08-11 17:37:29 ET

I believe it is time for an update.

Right now I'm in NC hanging with my cousin at her crib. Jason will actually be picking me up tomorrow.

I wanted a job, just to keep me occupied, will out a billion applications and no one wants me. pff.

The band and Jason are doing wonderfully! There was a scout that just happened to be on vacation and was at a place they were playing, he works for Arista Records, he is very interested in them. So they are busy recording a super sweet album for the big men to listen to. *crosses fingers* I hope it works out. It would be excellent.

Life is working out to be quite alright at the moment.

Been reading up on homebirthing, to get myself educated and prepared, i've been having help from a special SK member. She's the greatest! and no, i'm not pregnant, but hopefully soon. It will be a year before we try but thats because I have some changes in body and lifestyle to do. Jason and I have chose to become healthy eaters. I want to shed some pounds and become in shape and healthy so I have less of a chance of problems with my body and complications during pregnancy and birth. Also I need to kick a few bad habits. plus we need the time to finish the trailer. All of this stuff is important to me to get done for my health future and my future childs.
Preparing for pregnancy, just might be the best motivation I could have, seeing as I yearn to be a mother soo bad. I'm highly jealous of those who already are.

Not too much going on that will excite you to hear.

going alright...2007-07-11 12:49:01 ET

Soooo, Jason started playing with a former band, which is a very very good thing. He is bringing in enough that he told me I dont need a job. So I pretty much get to do what a housewife would do, ya know.. all the cleaning and cooking and taking car of the "kids".
He been gone alot its kinda lonely in the evenings.

I've been drawing alot more, now. Which is good.
I find ways to keep myself occupied.

You should've seen the huge fuckin spider that I tried to kill last night in the house. When I hit it to try to kill it , a million baby spiders spilled EVERYWHERE!!! It freaked me the fuck out.
With Jason gone, my manly man, I know have to fight these battles alone.sigh.


1 yr2007-06-25 11:01:38 ET

today is 1 yr for Jason and I.
now on to year 2!

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