life.2007-12-02 09:11:27 ET

I start school next month. I'm excited. I will be looking for a part-time job as well.
My dad is planning on coming down here and helping Jason get the trailer finished so we can move in and get the fuck out of this house.
We are talking about babies and marriage and such now.
Jason's aunt died this week and he went to the viewing and funeral and such. He was seeing all of his cousins whom are around the same age as him with their kids who are all in school now. And it made him think. His biggest worry has been money, but everyones told him that you will never have "enough" money for kids.
So maybe this coming year some time I should be able to get pregnant. I'll still go to school and whatnot, just take a semester off to have the baby.

la de da2007-11-29 13:26:50 ET

So I've been hanging out with Kelly alot. Shes a cool chick. I'm glad I finally made a friend here that is outside of the "family" circle. Last night we went to huddle house and then to wally world. Then went to her house and chilled. Tonight we are going to hang out and then go watch the boys play music at the bar. I did my hair for once. It hasent been styled since I 1st got it cut. It looks cute.
Jason's family is still driving me insane, whats new there.
I'm still super excited to start school in January! I cant wait.
My car will be fixed in the mid of feb. YAY!!
thats about it.
how about everyone else??

when it rains, it fucking pours2007-11-26 14:16:17 ET

I got no sleep last night. Wyatt is sick, coughing and throwing up.
I had to get up at 7am to get ready to take my mom to her dr's appoint. called the vet on the way to her house and just luckily they had an opening for 1:30pm. rushed home to find out that Jay still hadent got the check cashed from the wedding they played over a week ago, so after much persuasion by jason he got his mom to post date a check for us. We go to load Wyatt up in the truck, and it wont fuckin start, tried to get it to work for 30 fuckin minutes. Had to call the vet and reschedule his appointment. So hopefully things will work out tomorrow, because I dont want my dog to die. Right now I'm giving him an adult dose of Robitussin DM every 8 hours as told per vet.
I've had mad heartburn for the past 4 days, on and off. Cant get rid of it.

some relief2007-11-20 18:03:35 ET

My Financial Aid came through. Went to the Conway campus yesterday and got help from the VA admin. So now all my VA dependent paperwork is in, I think. I have to e-mail him tonight to make sure he did get everything done since the VA site locked up yesterday while I was there. But school is paid for. The VA benefits is just extra cash in my pocket to help with gas, housing and whatever else may come along the way this semester.
I know one book I need soo far, I'm thinking about e-mailing my other professors to find out the other books so I can go ahead and get them before the end of Dec.
I start my 1st class Jan. 14th, which is General Anthropology. I'm excited.
I seen read the syllabus for American History today. I'm going to do just fine in that class. The only thing I really think I'm going to need help in is my math class. I suck asshole at math.
Figuring up my money situation, because I'm going to have to get school supplies, I might have to borrow a little bit of cash off of my mom until my VA benefits roll in.
Middle of Feb, beginning of March I should have enough money and my car should be on the road and have insurance on it.
Right now I'm looking at different insurance companies and getting quotes.

Soooo anyway...
Turkey Day is coming up... I'm cooking 75% of the dinner. We are having :
Mash potatoes
cannied Sweet potatoes
beans and peas
green bean cassarole
macaroni salad
home-made noodles and suace
pumpkin pie
pumpkin bread with cream cheese icing
apple pie
chocolate mousse
canberry sauce
yeast rolls w/ option of home-made honey butter
and thats all I can think of at the moment........

well my dad just called so I'm going to get off here and talk to him, more to update later.

Updating!!2007-11-13 16:07:19 ET

So I'm registered for college. YaY! This will be my 1st year. I'm going got an Associates in Arts. I will be taking developmental math ( i suck) English 101, American History, and Anthropology.
I have no classes on Friday and only one class on Mondays and Wednesdays!
Oh I'm so excited.
I will go to HGTC (horry-georgetown technical college) for 2 year and get my Associates and then I will be going to AIC (art institute of charleston) for photography for 2 years.
I have to go to Conway Thursday to get my paper work in for VA Benefits. Which will help out so incredibly much.
Things have been going...decent.
My mom paid for me to get my hair cut and styled the other week. It looks nice when I decide to fix it. I've lost some wieght now that I'm taking the pill again.
Everything is working out. I plan to go back home for spring break, my car should be on the road by then.
I just have to stay positive.
Oh, I'm going to be a great aunt again.

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