bbq2008-02-18 08:19:13 ET

The weekend went AWESOME!! Thursday is when it started. My last day class let us out after 15 minutes of class and then my night class the teacher left us out 45 minutes early.
Friday we got up and headed to the nephews. We bbq-ed a hog this weekend. My first time and it was a neat experience. All friday night we were all fucked up smokin' the hog. We just sat around smoking blunts, bullshitting and cookin the hog. I tried an oyster and that is some of the sickest shit I've EVER put in my mouth. Fuckin gross and it will never ever happen again. Jason and I headed home at like 2am.
The nephew called at like 7:30am for jason to come help him flip the hog. Then we hung out there until it was time to eat.
Yesterday was just a day of lounging around. Today might be the same. I missed my class for today, and its raining and gross outside, who know. I think I'm going to roll me a J and step outside.

bored to tears2008-02-08 14:23:11 ET

Classes have been going well. I didn't go to classes on Tuesday due to Aunt Flo coming to town hard, heavy and painful. It looks like she is getting ready to pack up and leave town for another month. I cant wait, she's been a real bitch this time around.

Grim is healed completely and back to himself, now all that he needs is for his fur to grow back around what are now scars.

Tuesday I get my financial aid return back, I plan on going to buy a tent at wally world. Its a really nice 6 person tent, comes with 2 chairs, a lantern, 2 sleeping bags and camping dinnerware for 4. It was $80.00 now its $60.00. So if they still have one by Tuesday I'm getting it. We hope to camp alot this summer. Oh and I will probably buy an air mattress, my back fucked up last weekend when we camped.

I believe we might also be getting tires for the car, so we can drive it up and down the street to make sure nothing is going to drop out of it, like...a muffler or even an engine. lol.

I have 2 tests on Tuesday. blah. I need to start reading the Grapes of Wrath for U.S. History. the book report we do on it will be our "final exam". I really think I read this book in high school. We'll see.

Jason's cousin went to bid on a job today, hopefully it comes through. If so he will be working soon.

Jason is suppose to have band practice tonight. I don't think I'm going. I don't really feel like driving to G-Town. I'd rather just stay in A-town and chill with the nephew and his wife and the great niece. ( that makes me sound old)
We'll probably just chill, maybe play Uno or Clue. The Nephew and I will probably get blazed. Sounds like a chill night.

my oh my....2008-01-24 13:35:19 ET

What a day its been already.

-----beginning rant-----

Here's the scoop. The night before last, our dogs went outside early in the morning and took off, not to return later that night. Where they went? Well there is a female in yea. Wyatt came home around 10pm. Then Grim came home around 1am. I was already in bed by that point, but Jason came in and told me it looked like he had been in a fight with another dog. I didnt think much of it and went back to sleep. woke up yesterday morning and headed to class, Grim was not in the living room so I didnt get a chance to check him over.

When I got out of class yesterday I had to take my mom to get an MRI. She gets done around 3pm, I chill at her house for alittle while because I had some important phone calls to make, and god knows you dont get peace and quite at the house. Anyway... I get home around 4:30pm, still have not had a chance to look at Grim. Around 5pm I get a chance to, and I felt really bad because it looked like he needed to go to the vet. We call the vet, he was about to leave the office, but told us to go ahead and bring him in. So we drive 30mins to the vet. they shaved him where the puncture wounds and gash was. Then is when I could see the real damage. Horrible. He had a fever of 104. If we would've waited another day or 2 he would have died from the infection. So they clean him up, show us how to irrigate the gash,which by the way went past the tissue and you could see muscle and darkness from the depth of it, gave him a shot of antibiotic and a shot to bring his fever down. They gave us a bottle of saline solution, a suringe and a bottle of antibiotic pills.

We get home and I explain to everyone in the house that he is not to go outside no matter what without being on a leash. That the Dr. said that as soon as he was feeling better that he would try to take off again and it would make the infection worse. Everyone SEEMED to understand that.

This morning Jason's mom wakes him up because Grim is whining to go potty. So Jason takes him out on the leash. About an hour later, Jason has to get up again to chase Grim down because someone left him out. Grim is one of those dogs that when you are coming for him when he takes off, he will stop look at you like " fuck you, i do what I want" and runs off. So after that Jason puts him in our bathroom so it doesnt happen again. About 2 hours later, I hear Jason's mom ... " come on boy, come on and get in bed with Jason"....Jason was laying in his moms bed so he wouldnt wake me up again. So I get up because I know this is not good, at that time Sherry's, Jason's sister, mother-in-law comes out, and I say " NO! DONT LET HIM OUT!" and instead of hurrying up and shutting the door she stands there and says " why?". I try to chase him down with no luck and then Jason tries. I'm pissed at this point. I asked them why they let him out on the bathroom in the 1st place. they say " He was whining and whimpering"....I say " I dont give a shit if he was crying like a baby, he didnt need out. And should not have been left out if you were not going to keep an eye on him". Apparently the whining was not that bad, because the bathroom is right next to our bedroom, and I'm a light sleeper and he didnt wake me up. He has not been irrigated today nor given his medicine. I called Jason about an hour ago and he has still not returned to the house. I must of had a big attitude this morning over this, because after this incident his mother wouldn't speak to me. But oh fuckin well. They act like everytime we bring one of the dogs home from the vet, which we only take them if they are sick or hurt, and say that they are to stay inside for a week or so that its a big joke. His sister has a little dog, and everytime she is in heat they stress making sure she dont get outside, and I always make sure I dont let her out. I respect their wishes. But from now on, that might "slip my mind" , if you catch my drift. This is not the only time this has happened, thats what pisses me off the most. We borrowed a check from his mom, and I post dated for 2 weeks, so that way I can go pay the bill before the check goes out to the bank, but if Grim does not return, or dies because we werent able to properly treat him because of everyone ignoring our wishes, that bill will not be paid by me. That might not be the right thing, but thats my choice.

This has also brought up some more understanding to as why the girls dont have respect for Jason or myself. How can they respect us when their grandmother and mother doesnt to have the mutual respect for us as we show for them??------- -end rant------

College keeps me busy and has gotten alittle frustrating at times, most likely because of recent house hold events. But I'm doing ok. I do admitt that I probably should've headed to college right after high school. But I'm sure it will get less ....strange, I guess is the word I'm looking for, it will get further into the semester.

I want to scream!2008-01-10 07:27:05 ET

sometimes I feel that I'm the only one putting all the effort in.
we both talk about wanting the same things, but I'm the one always putting in the most effort.
we are both jobless right now.
s h i t tyyyyy.
I start college monday, and I'm currently looking for a job.
Jason is no longer playing with Jay, he started his own band thing, which is fine. But they are starting from scratch, so to speak. They are progressing nicely, but no where near the point of playing any shows yet.
So last night I say to Jason, " if the other week was your last show with Jay, then you need to find a pt job while working on this band until you can start playing shows"
You would've thought I told him he couldnt have a band anymore.
He thinks I dont support him, when I do. and he has no reason to think I dont, but you know how men can be.
its so frustrating. I refuse to live in this house another year. FUCK THIS SHIT. he may be sitting comfy in his parents choatic home, with disrespectful children who destroy everything they touch, but I am not.
This is how I see it........ I have every intent on getting a job and working while I'm in college, I'm going to have to. I will have a car with insurance payments soon and will have to have something in the summer as well to make sure I can pay my insurance. So here is the point. If I can work a job and be a full time student, then Jason can work a pt job while being in a band. They only practice 2 days a week, there is no reason why he cant work.
So I think the time for a talk about the future.
If the trailer is not done by fall and we are not living in it, I will not be living in this house anymore either. We will still be dating, but I will find my own apartment if I have to.
No if's ands or buts about it.

sick and excited!2008-01-08 11:48:05 ET

Yes, you read the title correctly.
Right now I'm sitting here sneezing, and coughing my head off. My muscles ache, sometimes my head feels like its going to explode, and my chest feels full.
Health wise I feel like shit, but I'm not letting it bring me down.
Beacuse next monday I start my 1st day of my 1st semester EVER of college, and I'm so freakin excited I could burst!
I went and picked up my books yesterday and that in itself made my day. Crazy. In high school getting my books sucked, I hated it. College I couldn't wait to get my books.
This year is going to be so kick ass for so many reasons!

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