ooooooooooohhhhhhh....2008-04-10 23:39:28 ET

Some guitar player is in sooommme trouble when he walks he ass in this door.
There is absolutely no excuse for this. He has been at his friends house since 3 this after noon, its now 4:34am. WHAT THE FUCK!!??!!!!
He didnt take his cell phone and I cant find the numbers to reach him where he is at.
Atleast I would have the common curtesy to call and tell someone I'm atleast still alive.
He has 2 shows this weekend, he needs to be here to get the gas out of the truck that the insurance company is coming to get in a few hours. We had some important discussions to go through.
There is too much going on in our lives right now for him to fuck up like this.
My will power and heart are growing weak in this relationship. Somethings gotta break or somethings gotta change.
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" remember what the doorman said...."2008-04-09 04:56:43 ET

Well I'm up and ready to head to class, have been for a few hours.
Why was I up so early, you ask. Well I had to take one of the nieces to school this morning, the rest road the bus but this one didnt , I dont know why. but I figured it would be useless to go to sleep for about an hour.
I dont have to leave until quarter til 11.
Its 9:34. I guess that gives me time to smoke up before I drive.
Speaking of that we have one last research paper to do in English. We have an option if he approves it by Friday.
I want to do mine on the legalization of Marijuana.

I have Anthropology class today, I think the Waccamaw Indians are talking with our class today.

Well guess I'm going to go grab something to eat and smoke this j.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and enjoying the nice warm weather!!

stand up speak out strike back..2008-04-08 18:53:06 ET

This is my last month of school until the fall, which I have to fill out Financial Aid and whatnot.
I can't wait until its over.

2008-04-06 16:40:38 ET

I miss my dog being a puppy.

healing..2008-04-03 16:35:43 ET

I'm healing pretty nicely. The bruises are all colors of the rainbow, except my face.. its yellow and purple.
Crutches are a real bitch. I cant wait to be walking on two feet again.
Been playing phone tag with the insurance lady. Tomorrow I have no classes so hopefully I will catch her then. I also have to call the medical claims guy with the insurance to see about getting my doctor bills/ ambulance bill taken care of.
Also have to call the Veterans Affairs counselor tomorrow to talk about one of my classes that I am failing. When you get money from the government, you have to answer to someone about this stuff.
Jason hasn't worked all week, which is good because I needed his assistance alot this week. Next week his sister is going to taxi me to and from classes.
Things are going pretty good, though. I dont really have to much to complain about, which is fine by me.
This accident was just a wake up call from a high power, telling me to not take what I have for granted and stop stressing over things that I cannot change or that have no reason to be stressed over in the first place. Basically translated " lighten up you crazy bitch ". lol.
We played Uno with all the nieces tonight, and we all had a blast.
Life is good, and could be alot worse.
I'm ok with where I'm at this moment.
Its ok.
Everything is just fine.

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