i hate2008-05-18 15:29:35 ET

Right now I have a load of clothes in the dryer to be packed.
But I have almost all of it together. I cant find my bookbag, so I need to find something big enough for my carry-on bag.
I need alot of things to keep me entertained.
I'm excited, nonetheless.
I cant wait to get there. This time tomorrow evening I will be in my home town.
Wednesday I'm going to the Bluestone with my best bud, Krystal. They have $5 bottomless cup night.
I can tell I'm probably going to be doing alot of partying.
At 9:30 I leave here to catch my train.
Wish me luck!

getting it together2008-05-17 06:03:27 ET

It seems that everytime I go back home to visit I always leave things here, Like my tooth brush. Or take shoes and forget to pack socks. So this time I sat down and made a list. I've already put some shit in neat little piles, so when I go to pack them it is easier to check them off the list. I hope it works this time.
I'm not looking forward to the layover in Washington D.C., but its cheaper to just take the train from there to Cumberland, than have someone come and pick me up. I'm going to be there from 7:30am -4:20pm.
I still need to go to walmart yet and pick up a few things after I get my shower.
I'm so ready for this vacation. My sanity is running low.

I'm leavin' on a Jet Plane... dont know when I'll be back again....2008-05-15 11:20:13 ET

....well its partially truth...
I'm taking a train... and not sure if I'll be there 1,2,or 3 weeks.
I'm going back home to Mt.Savage, Maryland.
I leave Sunday night and will get there Monday evening.
My father made this plan yesterday morning and my ticket came fed-x around 1pm.
So right now I'm in the process of catching up on laundry and getting the room organized and straight. The reason for the room organization is because Jason's sister and her 3 girls are living here now and they cant seem to keep their hands off of my shit. Thats includes his sister. So I'll be able to tell if something is missing when I get back.
So much shit to do and seems like so little time. :P blah.
I just cant wait to get out of this house. I wish Jason could come, but we are lacking in money, so I'm going solo.
Its going to be nice to wake up to anything but screaming and arguing at 6am.
I'm so excited!

Party Time!!!!....2008-05-12 07:38:31 ET

...or not.
Today is my birthday.
Nothing planned, I guess just hanging out at the house. I tried to celebrate over the weekend, but that all went to shit.
So I think I'm just going to let this one slide by. My brother is the only person call me up and tell me happy b-day today, and he's in NY. Jason was laying beside me during the phone call... has been up and around me.. and then left and has not one even tried to mumble it.
Birthdays suck.

sigh of relief2008-05-11 04:44:45 ET

Animal Control came by on Thursday. She said he was on an 11 day quarantine at the house. She told me not to worry too much on it, that her dogs have done this before and she had to go through this before. This lady has not 1 or 3 or 4 dogs, but 54 dogs! She was really nice. Wyatt did not bark or act territorial towards her one time.
My dog will no longer roam free. He will be on a runner or a leash around the yard.
There is no leash laws outside of city limits. So I really don't have to have him on one. But for my peace of mind, I need to.
I cant even walk my dog in the front yard anymore without someone in the neighborhood giving me the evil eye, or driving by real slow and gawking and making sure that I'm aware that they know I still have my dog. I wont even be walking him up and down the street anymore out of fear of what one of these stupid redneck mother fucker might do.
On this note, My dog had just as much of a chance of biting someone as their dogs do. Almost everyone lets their dogs run free. And there have been plenty of times that someone else's dog has came to our yard 2 even 3 days in a row fighting with our dogs, I didn't call animal control. But I will be now.
I couldn't even take my dog out on his leash yesterday evening because of someone else dog seeking shelter on our porch and our dogs wanting to tear into him because he was in their territory.
Neighbors don't even wave anymore. Oh well.
The law says my dog is fine where he is at, and it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks or says about him being here. Thinking that he was going to have to be taken away broke my heart.

On another note
This weekend has been alright. Jason had a show friday, I went it was alright. I went to the Kid's Fest with Jason's Sister, Mom, and 3 nieces. It was alright. They went to the Rodeo and Jason and I hung out here. I went to our friends house for a bit and chilled and then came back to the house. We watched Enchanted and then went to bed.
Today is Mother's Day. I have to run to town to pick up a few little things. We are cooking out here at the house and then I have to go to mom's when she gets off work. We are having really bad weather today, so I'm not sure how todays plans will go.
Monday is my birthday, nothing planned. Just hanging out.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers!!!!!

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